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You Are Affecting Me

pebble pondLike a pebble dropped into a pond, what you do in life will have an affect on others.

When you consciously choose to:

  • work on your emotions
  • develop yourself
  • raise responsible children
  • be nice to others
  • better your attitude
  • develop new behavioral habits
  • sharp your parenting skills

it reverberates and affects others around.
Think about it when one cell in your body goes rogue it’s neighboring cells are affected. Some will have to overwork to compensate for it. They will have an affect on their neighboring cells and so on until it reverberates throughout the organ thus affecting the entire organism-YOU.

cellsWhen one cell in your body is fully functioning & thriving it affects the others. They are supported and they can thrive and do what they are designed to do. They reverberate “thrive” to the neighboring cells  throughout your system and all is well.

If you worry, pay bills, stress out, do a piss-poor job with your children because you are too busy worrying and working,  you will affect others and so will your children.

We are all connected.

We are all tiny cells of The Whole.

Therefore, we need you to GET YO’SELF TOGETHER! Be conscious about your behaviors. Be purposeful about your decisions. And for goodness sake be intentional about how you raise your children! WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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