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Why & How to Unfollow People on Twitter

I just used the coolest tool for Twitter. It’s called UnTweeps and it helps you to unfollow people.

Unfollow inactive tweeple

Unfollow inactive tweeple

Now I know there are a dozen or more other sites that will help you to unfollow people, but I like this one because it doesn’t store  any  of your private information. And it’s REALLY simple.

A drop down menu will allow you to decide if you want to unfollow people who have posted in 30, 60, or 90 days.  Decide and it will show you all of those people. Now here’s the problem: you literally have to click through each and every one. There’s no bulk unfollow button. POOH! But it’s worth it anyway. I dumped 539 inactive people.

Why would you want to unfollow someone? Well, in this case I wanted to remove people who are inactive. Some of those that showed up hadn’t posted since 2009. That’s like 7 yrs ago in Twitter world! They had to go.

But you also may want to unfollow people who don’t align with your values or business goals. Because I’m set up to autofollow (yes, I autofollow!) I’ll find SweetAngie sending out links about all the things that she can do to a man in my Twitter stream. SHE HAS TO GO. An inappropriate profile picture may show up in my stream; it may not be porn but I don’t want to see Cutie’s ta-ta or Mike kissing his girlfriend every time they want to announce what they had for lunch. Obviously they are not there for business and therefore we’re not a match. THEY HAVE TO GO. I unfollow them manually through my Twitter interface. Just go to their page and click the little symbol under their pic. It will drop down a menu bar that will let you decide whether to block, report, unfollow or send a message.

You may need to unfollow because you’re following more than you are being followed. Perhaps you’ve decided to cut those who have not followed you back.  I’m just returning from NAMS4 and have learned the value of having a small but responsive group of tweeple.  If I have 800 tweeple who know me and respond  and interact with me than it’s better than having a group of 15,000 where I get small response. I’ll be unfollowing more people over the next  week or two.  To do this I’ll use Friend or Follow.  This tool has the above mentioned capabilities and it also helps you find out who’s following you that you’re not following and you’ll get to see mutual followers.

Then I’ll find more compatible tweeple by using Twellow and Twitter Search will help me to find local tweeters.

I hope this helps you both time and effort on your social networking journey! By the way go follow me on Twitter at TheBizCoach4Mom.

I would love to hear how  you chose your Twitter followers?

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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  • copp
    September 24, 2010 at 4:54 am

    great info! I’m on it now.


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