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Women Entrepreneurs Are Optimistic

Twice a year the Center for Women’s Business Research and KeyBank collaborates to measure the confidence index of women business owners around the country.  Their research just released for June 2011 says that women business owners are starting from a more secure position in April 2011 as compared to 2010. “One of the most significant and hopeful signs is that 41.5% of the respondents plan to hire within the next twelve months.”

I hope you can feel the change in the air mompreneur, even if you’re not planning to hire anyone anytime soon. I certainly have and have added an assistant to my team this year! Yea! So this Key4Women Confidence Index survey has validated my decision.

The survey also uncovered that most women entrepreneurs have made major investments in their businesses during “this economic crisis” (I hate that phrase!) by:

  • Increasing marketing or advertising (57.3%)
  • Creating new products and services (54.9%)
  • Investing in technology (37.2%)

COOL! I’ve done all three this year already!

Mompreneur if you’ve been to afraid to move forward-trapped in fear of investing in your business because of the “hard times” just feel the air. Breathe in the positive expectations of others and move beyond your fears.


How do I raise my expectations when I’ve lost so much already?

When I’ve put into my business and people and haven’t received much back?

I’m glad you’ve asked, because I been speaking to alot of  people lately about fear and moving beyond it and I can give you three simple steps to help you move past it.

1. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do. As mompreneurs we tend to hang around other moms-women who are happy as a SAHM or a miserable employees. Hang out with positive successful, entrepreneurs! Find them. Buy them lunch. Friend them.

2. Get feedback on your False Expectations that Appear Real. We allow our fears to circulate in our heads far to long without calling them out or articulating them. They have a chance to thrive and grow when stuck in the dark recesses of your mind. Talking over the thought of, “what if I lease an office and don’t get anymore clients” your friend will be able to show you that you’ve had a steady growing base of clients for the last 3years.  That reminder/that interruption of your thoughts will help shed light on false expectations and help you to move forward.

3. Change your diet. Did you know that what you eat can have a significant impact on how you feel.  It may sound trite but we are biochemical beings and if you’re overloaded with toxicity from fast foods, sugars, preservatives, low iron, minus calcium and other minerals and you haven’t exercised in days, well your thoughts are NOT going to do right. St. John’s Worts always help to balance my crazy, rat maze thinking.

The economy is changing and things are getting better. Thousands of other women business owners can feel it. Get in that flow, feel it, follow it and walk in your success!



To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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