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What To Do While You are Waiting


what to do while waitingAs mom’s our time is very precious and very limited. When children are young it feels a though we are constant state of waiting. Not knowing what to do while you are waiting makes the time seem to drag on even worse! My youngest is now 6 but I still have that sense of waiting because it was part of my day-in-day-out activity for so many years. I was always waiting…waiting for the little one to go to sleep. Waiting for the baby to finish nursing. Waiting for the older one to get home for school. Waiting for the food to cool off. Waiting for the toddler to finish doing whatever he was doing in that diaper! Constantly waiting.

Then there’s the line at the bank, grocery store or the extra hour at the doctor’s office?

Instead of getting frustrated with wait time, put that time to good use.

Here are 15 thngs to do while you are waiting to make the time pass faster:

  • Always, ALWAYS keep your van loaded with a good stock of reading supply for you AND the kids. Don’t assume you’re going to remember to grab your current reading material on the way out the door. And you never know when you’re going to be trapped in the car longer than you had planned
  • Plan your next decorating project and identify the items that you need to purchase.
  • Keep a writing tablet and pens next to the area where you most often nurse the baby
  • Read a motivational book that will change your mindset in ways that will empower you to reach new goals.
  • Scan the directions to a clothing pattern, recipe or science project and get the process firmly in mind before you start.
  • Download Evernote and use your phone to record your thoughts. Or record a message to baby. You could place it in the room next to baby when she’s going off to sleep.
  • Bring a pile of coupon pages collected from several weeks of newspapers. As you clip the coupons, add in the proper tab of a coupon file
  • Plan what you need for a birthday party, barbeque or other social event that you are hosting or coordinating
  • Carry a small tote with knitting, crochet or mending to work on while you wait.
  • Sketch at random in a small sketchbook that fits in your pocket or purse.
  • Study for an upcoming test or review material so you help your child study
  • Listen to a podcast onto your Mp3 player. Instead of just music, choose a podcast topic that you want to learn about and listen to it
  • Use your day planner to make a to-do list for next week
  • Stimulate your brain and work crossword puzzles or Sudoku
  • Daydream – there’s nothing wrong with zoning out while you wait.

Why depend on finding new magazines or someone interesting to talk with when you are stuck waiting? Bring your own “on hold” activities so that wait time become productive and  you’ll know exactly what to do while you’re waiting.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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