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What is An Autoresponder

what is an autoresponder?

what is an autoresponder?

No matter what your business may be you need people. You need to get the people’s email addresses so that you’re able to stay in contact with the people.  This list of email addresses is what internet marketers call…brace yourself….”your list”.

You need an autoresponder in order to effectively stay in contact with “your list”.


You pay  a company, like Icontact, to use their autoresponder software. This allows you to automatically create and send emails to your list of people.  But the great thing about an autoresponder is that you’re not just sending out a group of emails, but you can also track them to see if they were opened. You can set up a series of teachings to go out on specific dates and at specific times. You can type up your newsletter and then set it up to go out to your list.  Once you set it up it will happen automatically, even when you’re on vacation or sitting in the carpool line waiting on the kids.


The benefits of an autoresponder is that you can keep up with prospective or past clients and they can keep up with you! And they have given you permission to do this when they gave you their email address. It’s called permission marketing.  Even though they have given you permission to market to them you can’t take advantage of it.  We all hate spam. We all hate receiving unnecessary emails. So use your autoresponder wisely by supplying your list with quality information, updates and promotions.


There are several autoresponder companies that serve the internet. Aweber is the most popular. Personally, I research  them all and then I chose the underdog; if I ascertain that the underdog can do the job.( If everyone always run to the most popular companies then they would have a monopoly.) Icontact is less expensive and yet they get the job done.  They also have GREAT customer service. I’ve been using them for a little more than a year.

Well right now, from May 26 until May 31, 2010 they’re offering up to 20% off their prices.  Use the code MAY2010. I guess with their regular prices being so low they didn’t want to extend this 20% discount too long.

For your autoresponder needs I highly recommend Icontact. Click here to check them out.

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