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Weak Wimpy Mommas

While waiting for the flight to takeoff the mom in front of me gave her 3yo child a tablet to jill-greenberg-crying-photoshopped-babies-end-times-18play computer games. 20 minutes later when the flight attendant announced that all electronic devices were to be turned off the little girl started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs!

For the next 15 minutes!

Really mom? Really?! Now:

  • Mom is embarrassed.
  • The child is miserable.
  • And everyone within ear shot is frustrated because we have to be subjected to the child’s screams!

I’m a mom of 5 so you KNOW I understand that sometimes kids do things that will embarrass you. But I’m also a Women’s Empowerment Speaker (I was returning from a 3 day engagement even then) and I talk to hundreds of women who I would describe as Weak & Wimpy.

Oh, they may be powerful on the job but they are weak and wimpy when it comes to raising their children! They don’t want their children to be upset with them.  They are afraid to make decisions. They claim their child as my ‘best friend”. (WTFreak?! How can a 6yr or even a 16 yr with NO adult experience be YOUR best friend?! Sounds like the parent needs to grow up. But I digress…)

Parents, who sit their preschoolers in front of video games and feed them whatever they want to not deal with the child’s wrath. They let the child have their way EVERY time and the child has learned

The Weak Wimpy Mom

The Weak Wimpy Mom

that certain techniques (namely tantrums) will stress the parent until they give in. By the time the child is in elementary school the child has full-control of the parent and the household.




Mommy think future and stop being so weak!

Get them off the electronic devices!

Practice some discipline for yourself and stay engaged with your toddler instead of handing them the Electronic Zombie Creator. You are robbing them of the opportunity to experience REAL life. Take time out to:

Teach your children how to sit still and observe REAL PEOPLE.

Allow your children to experience REAL LIFE instead of a stream of animated characters running pass their eyeballs on an electronic pad.

Teach your children how to entertain their REAL BRAINS with books.

Let your children experience REAL CONVERSATIONS with adults.

Allow your children an opportunity to grow their intuition as they experience the energy of the environment.

And if you are traveling with children, for the sake of the sleeping airline passengers (namely me) teach your children how to control their youthful tendency to

  • kick the seat in front of them
  • destroy the tray table
  • and slam the window shade over and over because “it’s fun”.

I work hard when I’m traveling & I need some sleep. Most passengers are hard working business people we are not in in luxurious chill-out mode. Personally, I am exhausted from speaking, missing my babies and trying to power up quickly before I return home and resume my other REAL job as a WAHM. I NEED to sleep on the plane and when you don’t train your little “angel” she’s a nuisance to everyone around.

embarrassed Forgive me for taking a little selfish moment there to talk about my needs…


Anyhow, I know it’s easier to keep them out of your hair and from asking you a thousand questions by pulling out the little Electronic Crack Pad (kids act like they are on Crack when planing on these tablets, they don’t want to stop to eat or sleep, or play; they can’t hear or see. LOL) but there’s so much more to learn from the REAL WORLD then there is from swiping your finger across the screen to change the haircolor of a cartoon princess.

I’m just saying

Quick blog post on how ALL of our behaviors are affecting other people…including the way we raise our children.  We are all connected.

Have you joined me on Instagram or Periscope? Go and find me as @LadyT_speaks. Then join me. I think I’m going to Scope about Weak Wimpy Mommas!

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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