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The Two Fathers that I Love!

I LOVE Father’s day!

I think men are THE BOMB (and God blessed me with 4 to raise)!

I’m madly in love with my dad.

I sooo admire my husband.

Both men have raised (my husband is still raising) 5 children!

My daddy

My father went to the same job, everyday, for 37 years; even when he hated it so much he would have to go on drunken binges to relieve his pain and anger. He refused to cow-tailed to a racist system that wanted to promote him only to have a “token black”.  But how does one continue to work knowing you’re the best man on the job and knowing that the new, young hirerees were there because of nepotism?

He drank.

2-3 times a year our household would go into chaos mold for 3-4 weeks, as he did what his father and his father’s father did before him. That’s how they dealt with their emotional issues.

Nevertheless, they went to work. Everyday. My father paid his bills and we were never without. As a stay at home mom, my mother  always had money in her “pocketbook” and went home every summer-with 5 kids in tow-to visit her family. She never wanted for anything.

At the age of 40 he started going to church with me, gave his life to Christ and hasn’t taken a drink or smoked a cigarette since!  When a man, who has been an alcoholic since a teenager, stops cold turkey, you know that you’ve witnessed the amazing grace of God! He has grown more loving and interactive with his wife and children every day since.


my husband

My babies’ daddy is also a man walking in God’s amazing grace. His life’s passion and first heart is to serve God. His calling is to pastor a church and help people to grow spiritually. Contrary to popular belief this is not a glamorous nor lucrative job.  In today’s society it’s no longer a respected profession. Many priests/pastors/reverends/ministers have taken advantage of vulnerable people and the media has magnified this perspective and blown it out of porportion. Today a “man of the cloth” is looked at through suspicious eyes.

Nevertheless, my babies’ daddy is committed to his calling.  We serve a small, fledgling church and he helps to relieve the financial pressure by working another job.  His heart is to serve the church full time; to implement his vision, to be available for visitations and prayer 24 hours a day. But he works a full-time job in the secular world to make sure that he meets his family needs.

How does one work a job, day in and day out, when one’s heart is not really there?

Fortunately, my babies’ daddy  does what my daddy did. No he doesn’t drink!

He handles his business to pays his bills. He’s here with his family (no matter how sleepy) and continues to plow through the year.  He wakes up and does it again and again (no matter how sleepy) being an example to his sons of a “working man”.

For that I admire him. For his service I thank him. For his children I bless him!

These two fathers- my daddy and my husband- are men who aren’t portrayed in the media often enough. They are the ones who hold families together and keep our society strong. They are living quietly. Without drama, therefore without attention. Without special recognition.

So today I acknowledge and celebrate them.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my two favorite men!

And Happy Father’s Day to the many men like them!

Tell us about the Father(s) that you love. Leave a comment.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

  • sherell
    June 19, 2011 at 5:02 pm


    Thank you for sharing this! I have wonderful fathers in my life that are/were always there, at the right time and doing the right thing! My Heavenly Father, my husband, Anthony, and my Daddy. My kids are so blessed to have them in their lives!

    I had the pleasure of meeting your dad in ~1992 and you could see the love he had for his family. The story you tell reminds me of my Daddy, working, providing, drinking and stopping cold turkey after many years. These men gave all they knew to give to support their families and we are their legacies living before them. I bet it is awesome for them to look back over their lives as they enjoy their retirements, and see all of their accomplishments through their children. They sacrificed so that we and our children could have what we have today. I truly praise God for my Daddy and I live knowing that I can make him and the Ultimate Father proud. Teisha, I am sure you do too.


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