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A Day with a Homeschooling Mompreneur

So many people want to know how I “do it”. How do I run a business and homeschool?

To be honest, I don’t know how. So I put together this video of my 18hr day condensed into 4min just to give you a peek of what homeschooling and entrepreneurship looks like. Believe me when I say it’s not easy-but nothing that’s valuable is. Right?

I’m sleepy, tired and half crazy but any mother with more that 2 children is.  The question is WHY? Why are you sleepy, tired and half crazy? If it’s because of too much soda, going to a job that you hate, eating the wrong foods, not taking care of yourself? Than you need to create a different life.

I’m living the life that I have created; one where I’ve chosen to serve God & mankind with my natural talents of speaking and coaching. I have chosen to bless my children with my SAH presence.  And to help as many women as I can to stay at home with their children too.

On the other side of sleepy, tired and half crazy is grateful, inspired and fulfilled.  It’s worth it.

 Have you listened to my interview with The Unplugged Mom, Laurette Lynn? We talk about How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Homeschooling.

Here is a homeschooling post entitled What about Socialization, and a video of Our Homeschooling Classroom,  and one on How to Prove To Dad That Homeschooling Works



Do You Have It

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?  Here’s an interesting video from a training done by SCORE.


Releashing Your Fabulous-ness

Brenda Rivas

Today I spoke with business stylist, Brenda Rivas . What an energetic and dynamic woman! The theme of our discussion seem to keep going back to one word-Trust.

Trust the process. Trust the future. Trust that it’s going to all work out. Trust yourself.

Easier said than done huh?

Listen in because she gave some great tips to women entrepreneurs.

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Are You Still Wondering

Are you still wondering if you should start your home-base business? What are you waiting for the sky to crack open and a mighty voice to boom down through the clouds?

Let me tell you girlfriend, the sky has already cracked open in the form of a recession/depression and the voice is mine saying, ‘LET’S GET GOING!”

A woman called me today still up in the air about starting her home business. Her husband finally got a job after being out of work for 7months. She left her position as a stay at home mom to take on a job that barely paid the bills. Her husband was still looking for a job even traveling out of state job seeking so they had to pay baby-sitters & part-time day care.  They had to downsize one of their SUV’s for a more affordable minivan. Her hair started falling out because of the stress and it caused a lot of tension in the relationship.

should i start my business now?

scared & confused

He has now been employed for 3months and yet they are both afraid of going through this again. They don’t have anything saved and so she doesn’t believe that she can start a business.  “Besides, what if I do and it fails?”

What if you do and it succeeds?

What if you do and it’s providing just enough pennies to help you get through another lay-off?

What if you do and the economy tanks even more and people need exactly what you’re offering?

What if you do and the economy picks up and people need exactly what you’re offering?

I can play the “what if” game with you all day girlfriend!

Here are some statistics regarding the trend of home base business to encourage you:

The number of home-based businesses ranges up to 38 million according to the U.S. Census statistics. 18.3 million according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The number of U.S. households that operate a full or part-time home-based business exceeds 12 percent (Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration).

Home businesses generates an annual revenue of $427 billion and an average annual income of $63,000

70% of the total home based business is ran by women.

This is THE TIME to start your home base business.  Even with no money start the dang on research, start designing the logo, website, think through your marketing plan, study the industry, talk to some people in the field. DO SOMETHING!

Add prayer to your action and you’ll be AMAZED at the guidance that you’ll receive, so that even  though you have “no money” opportunities will show up instead. Even though you have no experience people with experience showed up for you. God is there wanting to help EACH and EVERYONE of us. Seek guidance. Take action. Do something.  What’s the other option? Wait until the husband gets laid off again and start relive the nightmare?

Stop wondering. Now is the time to start your home business.

If you need some help (and you do) call me to be your coach. You’ll be set up for success.