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Making Money With AdWords?

Recently, I’ve considered making money with Google Adwords. But from what I understand there’s a lot of analyzing, copywriting, tracking and losing money. Keeping track of my clients, blog, speaking engagements, children, husband, household and other stuff (whew!) has me rethinking the Adwords consideration.

However, I just read My Online Business Journey Blog about how to make money with Adwords and it had me reconsidering my reconsideration.  Adriana seems a little different from all the other “make a gazillion dollars online” marketers. I’ll check her out for a while and then decide how I should pursue Adwords.

Have you tried making money with Adwords?

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Some Inspiration for Your Home Business!

If you’re struggling in your home-base business to get past these last few weeks of 2009 because of the constant interruptions of the all fattening, money-sucking holidays, then use this video for some inspiration!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE family, food and fun; however I’m extremely goal oriented and I have so many things that I want to complete before the year is out.  But with the kids, the shopping, the organizing, and the everyday activities it takes quite a bit to make a mind-shift from all of that to the mind of the home-base business other.

If you have the same dilemma check out this is a great video by Matthew Belinkie of Belinkie Productions.

Free, No Strings, Coaching Session

Some people won’t respond to a FREE offer like this because they expect “The Catch”. I have no “Catch”. I trained to be a coach because i thoroughly I enjoy it and truly want to help you succeed in your home business! Contact me today for your free 30 minute, no strings,coaching session.