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So You Hate Your Job…pt 4

If you’re considering quitting your job and working from home please be realistic with yourself. It will be not be hakuna matat.

3 Reasons a WAHM Should…”Dance” More

Creating a business and seeing it take shape stimulates and satisfies the soul. But The Mr.& Mrs Salsa Dance* is one of the best things that God created for your holistic health and development.

How To Overcome Challenges

Traci KnoppeToday I interviewed Traci Knoppe. She is another homeschooling work at home mom, who has gone after her dreams to make her home-base business work for her and her family. Today she is owner of an American website managment service company called Your Web Tech Team. It is “growing at a rate of 100% a month!”  Yes, she is doing what so many WAHMs are trying to do, and on this interview she tells us how she got there.

Traci gives specific tips on how to overcome your challenges but you’ll also glean  insights as she tells about her own personal challenges of depression, attempted suicide, divorce, and obesity. Click in now!

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Sick Family, Tired Mom

sick kids, tired momLast week was a rough week but I kept going. However this week I’m struggling to keep my head above the work load. Don’t you hate when that happens?

On the first day of the last week my 4yb complained about a stomach ache. He moped around and finally, 2 hours later threw up on the kitchen couch, kitchen floor and down the hall to the bathroom. This happened many times for several hours during the night before he started with runny bowels. The next day he was fine.

But then my 2yg started complaining about her stomach. And the party started.

The next day she was as good as new, but The Husband came in late that night complaining about his stomach. And…you guessed it. Even though I didn’t have to hold his hand and bleach down the toilet every time he went to the bathroom, I still missed out on sleep as I lay privy to the loud gurgling, rumbling, house shaking sounds echoing in the toilet bowel. He laid around for half a day and by the evening he too was as good as new.

Later that night the 16yb, 11yb and 6yb  were all running to the bathrooms to puke up their little guts too. From 11 pm until 5am my husband and I went back and forth bleaching, cleaning, washing clothes, and rubbing sweaty foreheads.  By 5am I was so exhausted I didn’t care if they puked in their beds and rolled around in it. I went to sleep!

Despite all of this I still prepared for 2 upcoming speaking engagements. I still did some writing on my book. I still did a teleseminar. I still coached and signed up 2 new clients.  I still blogged.

High five and kudos to me! I took my vitamin C crystals and probiotics every few hours and never missed a beat.

So why am I dragging this week? I’m not physically tired, but mentally I can not make myself get to work! Even this blog post is a vain attempt…

What do you do when you can’t quite get yourself together?