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I Went Pecan Picking and Had a Revelation About Small Business

Mompreneurs don’t get to exercise often, so when we do, we really have to make it work. On the rare occasion that I exercise, I walk through this small business park that is surrounded by a wooded area. One day I noticed that several of the trees were pecan trees. So this past Saturday I went to pick pecans and had some wonderful revelations about small business.

    1. There is enough for everyone.

      Pecans fall freely on the ground and are enjoyed by humans, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, insects and many other animals yet there are still enough to grow more trees. The leaves and bark have been used medicinally as an astringent. The husk is a natural cure for poison ivy; the wood for flooring, baseball bats and furniture.


      There is enough for everyone. Mentally scrap the old paradigm of competition. There is none. This idea was created by greedy, fearful, corporate conglomerate that chose to monopolize and mass produce. Mentally align yourself with the nature of this God created Universe; THERE IS ENOUGH. There are enough clients for YOU and enough for the other mompreneurs in your industry- if they are providing real benefit and value to people.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Think about it how much money you need in a year to reach your financial goals? Maybe for you it’s not yet about the money; maybe you just want to feel like you’re in business. How many clients do you need to generate that feeling for yourself? 2? 20? 120? They are out there and plenty more.

        2. You have to work for your success.

      Even though the trees were blooming with pecans and they fell freely I still had to work for them. I was out there for 90 minutes, raking through leaves that camouflaged fallen pecans perfectly! I threw sticks at the trees to get them to fall. I jumped (and missed) the low hanging ones. I picked up and brushed off each and every individual pecan that I carried away. And once home, I still had to crack open and pick out each and every individual pecan that I ate.


      You have to work. Mompreneurs, contrary to what the gurus might tell you, “just put up a website and start making money”; a real business will require patience and hard work! It may take a while before you enjoy the fruits of your labor. So work hard and be patient.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Do you find yourself frustrated, jealous and hesitating because so many seem to be prospering more than you? Keep your eyes on your work; stay focused on your goals and work your plan. Success will come! Until then, pay attention to what you are learning and the character traits that you are developing. Remember, mompreneur that you are building a legacy for your children and that entails more than making money. It also includes life lessons that your children are watching and participating and celebrating as you build your business.
      Therefore enjoy the journey.

        3. Connect with others

      During my pecan picking period my only regret was that I didn’t bring someone with me. I was challenged every time I threw the stick at the tree because several pecans would fall and I had to keep my eye on the stick to see where it hit while, at the same time, using my peripheral vision to see where the pecans fell and rolled. As I walked toward one pecan I would have to keep my eyes on the 3 different spots that the other 3 pecans rolled. Magically, as I approached it I realize that it was perfectly camouflaged among the leaves. After searching for that one I would then have to remember where the other 3 pecans fell and then start the search all over again.


      Take somebody with you. You can’t see everything. Having a coach, a partner or a mentor is invaluable! Even a network of online buddies who look out for you can be crucial because they can help you see things that you don’t see to easily. Having someone to tell you that your website isn’t easy to navigate or it has broken links, having someone recommend you for an award or promote you to their list are examples of taking “someone with you”.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Connect, connect, connect. Establish a network that you support and one that supports you. Your connections should consist of real friends but don’t’ be afraid to connect with people online who are up & coming, honest and willing to work hard.

      I would love to come along with you and help you grow your business. It’s not easy out there by yourself and it’s always more fun with friends. Contact me before the year is out and I’ll put you on my schedule for next year. We’ll get you progressing stronger and with better focus!Email me: LadyT at

    Do You Have It

    Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?  Here’s an interesting video from a training done by SCORE.


    Are You Still Wondering

    Are you still wondering if you should start your home-base business? What are you waiting for the sky to crack open and a mighty voice to boom down through the clouds?

    Let me tell you girlfriend, the sky has already cracked open in the form of a recession/depression and the voice is mine saying, ‘LET’S GET GOING!”

    A woman called me today still up in the air about starting her home business. Her husband finally got a job after being out of work for 7months. She left her position as a stay at home mom to take on a job that barely paid the bills. Her husband was still looking for a job even traveling out of state job seeking so they had to pay baby-sitters & part-time day care.  They had to downsize one of their SUV’s for a more affordable minivan. Her hair started falling out because of the stress and it caused a lot of tension in the relationship.

    should i start my business now?

    scared & confused

    He has now been employed for 3months and yet they are both afraid of going through this again. They don’t have anything saved and so she doesn’t believe that she can start a business.  “Besides, what if I do and it fails?”

    What if you do and it succeeds?

    What if you do and it’s providing just enough pennies to help you get through another lay-off?

    What if you do and the economy tanks even more and people need exactly what you’re offering?

    What if you do and the economy picks up and people need exactly what you’re offering?

    I can play the “what if” game with you all day girlfriend!

    Here are some statistics regarding the trend of home base business to encourage you:

    The number of home-based businesses ranges up to 38 million according to the U.S. Census statistics. 18.3 million according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

    The number of U.S. households that operate a full or part-time home-based business exceeds 12 percent (Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration).

    Home businesses generates an annual revenue of $427 billion and an average annual income of $63,000

    70% of the total home based business is ran by women.

    This is THE TIME to start your home base business.  Even with no money start the dang on research, start designing the logo, website, think through your marketing plan, study the industry, talk to some people in the field. DO SOMETHING!

    Add prayer to your action and you’ll be AMAZED at the guidance that you’ll receive, so that even  though you have “no money” opportunities will show up instead. Even though you have no experience people with experience showed up for you. God is there wanting to help EACH and EVERYONE of us. Seek guidance. Take action. Do something.  What’s the other option? Wait until the husband gets laid off again and start relive the nightmare?

    Stop wondering. Now is the time to start your home business.

    If you need some help (and you do) call me to be your coach. You’ll be set up for success.

    Ideas for Home Business

    Today’s guest blogger is Debbie Russell. I’m grateful that she was able to provide us with ideas for our home business during this crazy economy. Thank you Debbie!


    The economy continues to limp along its rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but doesn’t offer any real hope to the millions of people who remain unemployed. In March of lastyear, the national unemployment rate sat at a whopping 9.7%. As of September 2010 that number only dropped half a percent to 9.2%.

    The group most affected by the lack of jobs is the over fifty crowd. Although at 7.2% (the highest since WWII) the unemployment rate for baby boomers is lower than the average, it is a fact that people in this group remain out of work for longer. The average length of time between jobs is 22 weeks. For over fifty unemployed workers, the average is 35 weeks.   Personally, I am in this group, having lost my job due to corporate downsizing. over a year ago.

    Baby boomers like me are sitting down and taking stock of their current situation. Some are choosing to retire early. Others are going back to school for retraining in other careers. While these are both good options, possibly the best thing you can do for yourself is to start a home business.

    As a boomer, you have decades of knowledge and experience that other people need. While it is true that it is harder for someone of our generation to get a job, there is no reason why you cannot approach the company from a different angle and sell your expertise as a consultant, which is perfect for a home business.

    In fact, selling your knowledge can be worth millions. You can certainly charge much more for it than the salary you would receive as an employee. Both individuals and businesses are struggling to get ahead in this poor economy. What you know can provide them with the edge they need to compete effectively and they are more than willing to pay people who can help them get results.   You also have the flexibility in your life and schedule.

    As a freelancer, some ideas for home business include:

    * Starting a consulting business providing advice to companies in your industry. For example, if you have been in sales and marketing for the last three or four decades, you can help businesses form and execute marketing strategies that drive sales.

    * Develop a training course that teaches people specific skills or provides highly prized knowledge. For instance, you could teach human resource managers how to meet the needs of this new global workforce.

    * Venture into the internet with a blog that provides insight into your industry. For example, former health care professionals can teach people how to get the most out of their medical care and save money on health care costs.

    The list of home business ideas goes on and you are only limited by your creativity. Anyone in any industry can get on the freelance bandwagon including dieticians, human resource managers, lawyers, doctors, healthcare administrators, teachers, and many others.   All of these professions can easily translate into a home business that can be used for developing business with new and former clients.

    Tips on Getting Started With your Home Business

    As is the case with most home business ideas, the trick is to get started.

    * Start by evaluating where you currently are. What can you do? What are you willing to do? What do you like to do? Don’t let not knowing how to do something put you off from pursuing a home based business idea. You can always get training to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

    * When you are first starting out you want to focus on one thing at a time. Focus on starting your consulting firm and then work on writing and selling a business book, for example.

    * Eventually, though, you will want to develop multiple streams of income. In our business, my husband and I make money providing boating services, a chain of retail online stores and social media services that help home based businesses.

    * Spend a lot of time on developing and executing marketing strategies. Your greatest challenge will be getting your name in front of interested buyers and this is where you want to make sure you are investing in tools and techniques that will get the job done.

    Getting Your Home Business Online

    There are various ways you can market your new freelance home business, but one tool I want to recommend is  this Branding System that I used to develop my website/blog.. In a world connected by routers and cables, you must have an internet presence. This system will help you establish your business brand quickly and easily so you can focus on what matters most; helping your customers.

    Experts predict that it will be several years before the economy recovers fully. You really can’t afford to wait that long for a job that matches your skills and experience. Take a chance on yourself and start your own home based business today.

    Debbie Russell is a marketing veteran who loves to train people on the best way to build their businesses. For more tips on how to brand your business for success, visit her website.  For a turnkey branding system that puts your name on the Google map quickly and easily, visit MyBrandingSystem .

    The Secret To Growing Your Business

    The secret to growing your business is putting it on a regular schedule.

    No doubt you’ve heard the axiom, “a business is like a baby.”  If you’ve had the experience with both you know that this axiom is true.  Just like your baby, your business is constantly on your mind.  A baby grows stronger and healthier because of a regular schedule. Eat, sleep, poop are the rhythms of life that helps baby to flourish.

    Well, your business may not eat, sleep and poop but it also requires a regular schedule-a rhythm to help it to flourish- as well.  Some critical elements of a regular schedule consists of:

    • Quiet time to process thoughts
    • Time for writing
    • Time for creating
    • Time for learning
    • Time for planning
    • Time for processing paperwork
    • Regular business coaching
    • A weekly mastermind

    A business schedule helps you to remain calm about the ups and downs.  Just like with baby, no matter how erratic your life may be, you make sure that you do not interrupt baby’s schedule.  Why, because you know that he needs a regular schedule to grow healthy.

    The most important rhythm in my business schedule is my regular business coaching call and my mastermind group call. My business coaching call for my business is like a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit for baby. It helps me to stay focused on my goals. If you have a business coach, you know that once a week there will be someone to talk to who cares about your success and her only agenda is to see you succeed.  When you have ideas and decisions circulating in your head but can’t come to a conclusion, a business coaching call will help you to prioritize and determine the best ones for you.

    My mastermind group is with Lynn Terry’s Self Starters Elite Group. She is awesome and her group forum is exceptional! Many of them I have met at conferences but even without meeting them they are generous with their knowledge and willingness to help. There’s no way I would have continued navigating through the confusion of internet marketing without them. Having an entire GROUP of people to support you is critical and should be scheduled into your business.

    Many moms run their business like a hobby; they do what they can do when they can do it. Do not be named among them!  Give your business the time and attention that it deserves by putting it on a regular schedule so that it can grow up to be a big, strong man business.

    If you’re looking for a business coach to help you get focused, set realistic, non-limiting goals and carry you off to your success then contact me and we’ll get your business scheduled.