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Man Was I Wrong, Multi-Level Marketing is a Great Way to Make Money

Multi-Level-Marketing-CompaniesConfession: I was wrong! I didn’t believe in the validity of multi-level marketing. As a business coach for moms I took great pride in encouraging women to start a business that is based on their natural talents and gifts.

But I’ve learned that many women don’t know what their talents & gifts are. For some, after discovering what they are, they have to work themselves up into BELIEVING that they can be compensated for their talents.
It wasn’t until I had the experience of coaching a couple of multi-level marketers (and they became successful), buying products on a regular basis from multi-level marketers (and they made consistent money from my purchases) and then using a service from a multi-level marketing company for a couple of years myself (while someone made consistent money from me) I discovered that multi-level marketing is a GREAT way to make money!


  • The marketing is done for you!
  • The website is already set up!
  • The product has been proven and has brand recognition (Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, It Works, Doterra Oils. Apori, etc).
  • You have residual income from your one time sell!
  • You are connected to like-minded people so you are not in business by yourself!
  • You have constant motivation when you attend the meetings.
  • And even when you are having a down month you make money from your team!

Multi-level-MarketingFor instance, I’m a busy mom running a speaking and training business and encouraging moms to become entrepreneurs; I also help entrepreneurs to access to affordable legal services  through my MLM company LegalShield. There are times when I can’t work the Legalshield side of my business and yet I’ve made several hundred dollars in a few months because my team is working their businesses! NO COMPETITION! We ALL grow and help each other!

I’m so sorry that I pushed women away who didn’t know their gifts and talents. I did not understand the power of a multi-level marketing business. Now I know.

Interested in starting a business? Try a multi-level marketing company. The one that I’ve researched and stand behind is Legalshield! Click here to learn about the business opportunity of Legalshield.

Protecting Your Family – Benefits of LegalShield

One of our jobs as a mom is to protect our children & family. Three years ago I signed my family up for a service called LegalShield and the benefits have served my family well. LegalShield was once called Pre-Paid Legal but NOW has better benefits and services! For one low monthly fee we have access to an entire attorney firm that is willing to handle any legal questions that we may have. And even though the company has been around for 40+ years, many people don’t know anything about it!

LegalShield Benefits Explained 

The average attorney charges $200-$300 an hour. Well I pay less than that in a year and I, my husband, my college student and all other dependents have UNLIMITED LEGAL ADVICE from our attorneys regarding any of our legal questions. This includes questions about my business or taxes or rental property or potential neighbor problems, etc. Having the advice of an attorney to prevent future problems is highly beneficial don’t you agree? It’s like a…shield…a LEGAL shield!

As a homeschooler and mom of driving teenagers the 24/7 emergency access allows me to breathe easier. I know if my college student is riding around with friends and the police stop them, for whatever reason, he can ALWAYS call an attorney if he needs one.

Another benefit of LegalShield is knowing that I have a real attorney who will make phone calls or write letters for us on the firm’s letterhead. A letter from an attorney carries far more weight then a letter from you.

They also review contracts and documents of up to 15 pages for us. This is another MAJOR benefit! My college student is entering the world of Real Life. He’s running his own business and renting apartments and making verbal agreements with people. I’m so glad that he gets to learn, early, how to be official and professional as he is connecting and interacting with adults who may want to take advantage of a “young kid”. We can access the online legal videos for clarity on hundreds of topics, (believe me you DON’T want to Google your legal advice). And we also have access to tons of legal forms that we can edit, then shoot over to our attorney firm for their review and then receive consultation if necessary! Two more very powerful benefits!

Our membership also covers traffic-related issues. For me this is the most important benefit! I travel across the U.S. training and speaking and evidently I carry a lead foot with me everywhere I go (this means I often get speeding tickets). But the other benefit of LegalShield is that I’m covered in 49 states (excluding Alaska). My local firm contacts an attorney in the violated state and that attorney handles the ticket for me. So far I’ve paid NOTHING and have NOT lost any points on my drivers license. This saves money on my car insurance! How insanely grand is that?!

The Trial-Defense coverage guarantees me so many pre-trial and trial hours if I’m ever named in a civil lawsuit. Every year that I’m a member an additional 60 hours is added until I max out at 300 hrs. I don’t planned to be sued by anyone, but you never know. I do like knowing that I have some attorneys waiting for me to say, “sic ‘em” if I need to.

Another super grand benefit is having a will, a living will and a power of attorney that is written and updated for us every year at NO EXTRA cost!

If the IRS ever audits us we will receive assistance. Just the thought of this assistance is relieving!

And one benefit that I don’t plan to ever use is the Family & Domestic Services, where we are covered for:
• Uncontested Divorce
• Uncontested Adoption
• Uncontested Separation/Annulment
• Uncontested Name Change
But you never know…my husband may decide he wants an annulment. Then I’ll need legal services for my behaviors that will follow his request.
BTW, criminal behaviors are not included in the membership but would be covered by LegalShield at a 25% discount of a well-qualified referral attorney.
Moms, your job is to protect your family. Go here to view videos that will explain more about the service and then sign your family up immediately. With solid legal protection you will worry less!

I Went Pecan Picking and Had a Revelation About Small Business

Mompreneurs don’t get to exercise often, so when we do, we really have to make it work. On the rare occasion that I exercise, I walk through this small business park that is surrounded by a wooded area. One day I noticed that several of the trees were pecan trees. So this past Saturday I went to pick pecans and had some wonderful revelations about small business.

    1. There is enough for everyone.

      Pecans fall freely on the ground and are enjoyed by humans, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, insects and many other animals yet there are still enough to grow more trees. The leaves and bark have been used medicinally as an astringent. The husk is a natural cure for poison ivy; the wood for flooring, baseball bats and furniture.


      There is enough for everyone. Mentally scrap the old paradigm of competition. There is none. This idea was created by greedy, fearful, corporate conglomerate that chose to monopolize and mass produce. Mentally align yourself with the nature of this God created Universe; THERE IS ENOUGH. There are enough clients for YOU and enough for the other mompreneurs in your industry- if they are providing real benefit and value to people.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Think about it how much money you need in a year to reach your financial goals? Maybe for you it’s not yet about the money; maybe you just want to feel like you’re in business. How many clients do you need to generate that feeling for yourself? 2? 20? 120? They are out there and plenty more.

        2. You have to work for your success.

      Even though the trees were blooming with pecans and they fell freely I still had to work for them. I was out there for 90 minutes, raking through leaves that camouflaged fallen pecans perfectly! I threw sticks at the trees to get them to fall. I jumped (and missed) the low hanging ones. I picked up and brushed off each and every individual pecan that I carried away. And once home, I still had to crack open and pick out each and every individual pecan that I ate.


      You have to work. Mompreneurs, contrary to what the gurus might tell you, “just put up a website and start making money”; a real business will require patience and hard work! It may take a while before you enjoy the fruits of your labor. So work hard and be patient.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Do you find yourself frustrated, jealous and hesitating because so many seem to be prospering more than you? Keep your eyes on your work; stay focused on your goals and work your plan. Success will come! Until then, pay attention to what you are learning and the character traits that you are developing. Remember, mompreneur that you are building a legacy for your children and that entails more than making money. It also includes life lessons that your children are watching and participating and celebrating as you build your business.
      Therefore enjoy the journey.

        3. Connect with others

      During my pecan picking period my only regret was that I didn’t bring someone with me. I was challenged every time I threw the stick at the tree because several pecans would fall and I had to keep my eye on the stick to see where it hit while, at the same time, using my peripheral vision to see where the pecans fell and rolled. As I walked toward one pecan I would have to keep my eyes on the 3 different spots that the other 3 pecans rolled. Magically, as I approached it I realize that it was perfectly camouflaged among the leaves. After searching for that one I would then have to remember where the other 3 pecans fell and then start the search all over again.


      Take somebody with you. You can’t see everything. Having a coach, a partner or a mentor is invaluable! Even a network of online buddies who look out for you can be crucial because they can help you see things that you don’t see to easily. Having someone to tell you that your website isn’t easy to navigate or it has broken links, having someone recommend you for an award or promote you to their list are examples of taking “someone with you”.

        HOW TO APPLY:

      Connect, connect, connect. Establish a network that you support and one that supports you. Your connections should consist of real friends but don’t’ be afraid to connect with people online who are up & coming, honest and willing to work hard.

      I would love to come along with you and help you grow your business. It’s not easy out there by yourself and it’s always more fun with friends. Contact me before the year is out and I’ll put you on my schedule for next year. We’ll get you progressing stronger and with better focus!Email me: LadyT at

    Does Marketing Have to Take up all your Time?

    I recently conducted a survey among all my colleagues on LinkedIn, asking them to tell me about their experiences transitioning from a job to self-employment.  I posed the following question:  What was the single most important thing you had to learn if you left corporate employment and started a new business? 
    The choices were:  How to manage time, how to cope with working alone, having to learn new skills, finding qualified assistants, and marketing the new business.
    The answer chosen most often was “marketing the new business,” (44%) and next was “having to learn new skills,” (24%).
    The comments about marketing had a negativity that gave me pause–listen to some of them:

    • Go into business because you love business, not a particular profession,because the business activities will take up 90% of your time.
    • Within the first months,you’ll realize your primary job now is to market the business, and not to do what you are good at doing.
    • I was was able to get several clients, but it took a lot of time and effort.  I was more than happy to return to a place where I could work with a staff and stay connected to people.  I have no desire to work alone again.
    So it sounds like many people who have started their own business are finding that it is not what they thought it would be.  I don’t know, but I wonder if a lot of these people underestimated the nature of the changes required of them, and that they are suffering because they set up a business that was unworkable from the start.
    You should expect to spend 90% of your time marketing in the first month or so, but it should drop off significantly after that, once you get your pipeline full.  If you put a strong marketing system in place, you will get a steady stream of clients from a measured amount of activity each month, leaving you plenty of time to do what you love.
    If you are making any major change in your life, get a coach, a mentor and/or a teacher to make sure you understand the nature of the work ahead.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!
    Susan Longley is a business coach who specializes in empowering emerging entrepreneurs to become confident business owners. She works with people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and teaches them the basic skills they need to start and grow their businesses.
    Also, listen to Susan’s interview where she talked openly about her transition from employee to entrepreneur on my BlogTalk Radio Show, I am The Boss of Me.
    ==> <==

    Holiday Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

    Today my guest blogger is Ali Brown, if you haven’t  heard of her then you need to! There’s more information about her following this blog post. Thanks Ali!


    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 17:  A home is de...

    With the kids around more than usual over the holidays, you might be missing quiet time to get solid work done at home. Most moms I know get too busy to properly plan ahead. But, if you get a little creative, you can set your kids up for a fun, memorable vacation and not miss a beat at work.

    Hire holiday help
    Remember, K-12 kids aren’t the only ones home for the holidays. Most college students have 3 weeks off and are probably going crazy under their parents’ roofs themselves. (Don’t we all remember those days?) Ask your friends and neighbors if their older children are looking for some extra cash around the holidays to play nanny, so you can still play boss.

    Volunteer your kids
    During the holidays, soup kitchens and animal shelters are always looking for an extra hand. Appoint an adult chaperone (or two) to take the kids out for a day of kid-friendly volunteer work (For kid-friendly volunteer opportunities, click here.) Not only will it get your kids off the couch, but it also might get them into the spirit of giving in a life-changing way.

    Indulge their hobbies
    Whether it’s tennis, ballet, reading, or art, sign your kids up for mini-workshops that they can attend during the weekdays. If you can’t find a class in the community, then have a bunch of moms pitch in to hire a private teacher and host group classes in your own home (this method works best if you have a basement you can work in ;)). And don’t forget there are a ton of talented high school and college-level athletes and artists who would be thrilled to teach a group of kids!

    Keep a routine
    If there’s no way around it and it’s just you and the kids, be sure to set some boundaries so their day doesn’t invade yours. Instead of letting the kids run wild all day long, try to set a schedule for them so they get a mix of exercise, education and rest time. Plan holiday movie time or holiday project fun time, to give you 1.5-hour blocks of time to knock a few things off your to-do list.

    Streamline your to-do list
    Be honest, if the kids are home, you’re not going to get as much done as you usually would. There’s no reason to beat yourself up and feel like you’ve fallen behind. Instead, write down the top 3 work items that you MUST get done each day and make sure you accomplish them. That way you can shut down your computer feeling right about your day, and focus on all the wonderful time you get to share with your kids!

    Don’t forget to indulge your own inner child and join your kids in a few fun holiday projects. That’s the beauty of being a “mom”preneur — you get to decorate gingerbread cookies with your kids in the morning, then work while they giggle to Frosty the Snowman in the background. Could you have a better workday than that?

    © 2011 Ali International, LLC

    “Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at