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Marriage, Money & Debt

Many of us enter marriage with tons of debt and money issues but do NOT know how to move past it. Listen to this powerful interview.

Bedwetting Children-Free Samples

I just found a website where you can get a free sample of UnderJams.  UnderJams are designed to like real underwear. The have a low waist band and quiet material.   Who can pass up free samples.


offline/online social networking made easy, just touch, connect, stay in touch.Wow, Poken is the latest, coolest technology! Okay I’m not a technology geek. Even though technology amazes me, I’m not one to run out and buy gadgets.  I would never have a chance even if I wanted to because my husband would beat me to it. But Poken is something I had to get!

I’m starting a women’s networking group in my city soon and EVERYONE will have a Poken. I’ll also give Poken away as gifts to the first 10 that join. That’s how excited I am about Poken!

What is it, you say?

Poken is your digital business card!  So you would upload the same information from your physical business card. But get this: you can also upload all of your social networking info too-over 40 social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype and Ning.
You can upload URL, photos

When you’re out networking instead of exchanging business cards you touch your Poken with someone else’s Poken to exchange information!   If ever you change your information (like phone number or email address) you just update your Poken AND all of your friends’ Pokens will be automatically updated.  Cool!

Pokens come in cute colors and shapes and you can hang them on your neck, keychain or purse.

Now of course this only works if others have Poken and the more the better. It’s like a social network site, it’s no fun on Facebook if your friends aren’t using it. Poken is new here in the U.S. but was introduced to Switzerland in 2009 and is sold in over 40 countries including Japan and Germany. Even though it’s pretty new I can foresee my children one day asking me what was the purpose of a flimsy business card.

For more technical information click on the affiliate link. There you can also see the cute creator, Stéphane Doutriaux, who explains Poken in a video.

I think it’s such a cool idea I’m encouraging everyone to get one and let’s all Poken!

Do you think you ever will?