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Twitter Scams

The ability to communicate on Twitter with people that you don’t know or to learn about an important subject in lesstwitter bird than 140 is absolutely phenomenal! We can pass on information at lightening speed; however when that information is a scam many people are taken in at lightening speed too.

Many have received DM (direct messages) saying, “you’re on this video…” and there’s a link that once clicked will bring you to a site that looks like a Twitter page but when you look at the URL in the browser it’s clearly not Twitter. It’s a phising scam.

Other scams: “hahaha, that u on here?” and  “lol this is funny (link)”, “I made $426.23 online today with (link).” OR “I made money with google. this website showed me. (link)”

Most times these DM are not sent from the account user but by a highjacker. Here are some tips to keep you and others safe on Twitter.

1. Don’t click on these links.

2. Never give out your Twitter password to 3rd party applications that do not use OAuth.

3. Report the account and all phising scams to @Spam

4. If you’ve been scammed be sure to change your password on and nowhere else.

Have you or anyone you know received one of these DM’s?

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Niche Affilate Marketing System 2 (NAMS) with David Perdew

I went to the Niche Affilate Marketing System conference 2 weeks ago and I learned sooo much. And I met sooo many great entreprenuers. One of the many changes that’s taking place in my business is this blog post before you. I’ve put my website and my blog in one place. I was with EXCELLENT and EASY blogging platform-to come to WordPress. Everyone says this is better and will help with the things that I desire to do in the future. We shall see.