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Burglars Checking Twitter & Facebook?

Okay, we know anything that’s good and creates community and friendship among people will also bring out burglar searching you out on Twitter and Facebook?the bad in people.  It’s the wonderful nature of this world. We have to take the good with the bad,  the short and tall, the weeds with the flowers, the ying and the yang.  But the burglaries with the tweets? The ramsacked house with the Facebook updates?

Yes, yes. It’s a wonderful world. If you are on Facebook and Twitter announcing to the world that you’re going on vacation for 2wks or “home alone for the weekend”, or “husband’s out of town and I’m scared because I don’t know how to protect myself”, you’ve just opened yourself up for a possible encounter with a burglar.

Remember when you post pictures of your house on Facebook there are “friends” checking out what you have in your house so that they can visit you and take it.

I’m not an alarmist and I hate to plant fear, but do be careful about how much information you post.  Be careful about who you “friend”.  Some criminals literally search out there victims by using the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“I call it Internet shopping for burglars … It is incredibly easy to use social networking sites to target people, and then scope out more information on their actual home … all from the comfort of the sofa. — reformed burglar, Michael Fraser, who appears in BBC’s “Beat The Burglar.”

Don’t stop using social media. Keep connecting with old friends. Keep in contact with love ones. Keep networking to build your business.  However, as with everything you do: Be wise. Be choosy. Use moderation. In our wonderful contrasting world of good and bad you never know who your “friends” are.

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