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Align, Expand & Succeed

Today I’m are featuring Kathleen Gage, contributing author to Align, Expand and Succeed; Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success.

I had the privilege of hanging out with her early this yr at a conference and what a fun-loving lady! When I found out that she was a contributing author to a book that deals with my favorite subjects-conscious entrepreneurship I had to support her!

This “just released” book is based on the premise that the world is changing at a very rapid pace. We are starting to see that cooperation brings better results than old style competition. It’s a new era and we need to work together to create success for everyone, not just for a few.

This book features dozens of conscious entrepreneurs who share their wisdom, expertise, stories, lessons and insights about the new and exciting shifts that are happening for entrepreneurs worldwide. It is designed to raise the vibration of the planet like never before. Get your copy of Align, Expand and Succeed and enjoy an abundance of gifts with your purchase.

Kathleen Gage
Contributing author – Align, Expand and Succeed

1.    Kathleen your book is about conscious business and being a conscious entrepreneur. What does
being a conscious entrepreneur mean to you?

Being a conscious entrepreneur encompasses many aspects of a person’s makeup; integrity, honesty with oneself and others, higher consciousness, willingness to do the right thing regardless of the outward evidence and opinions of others, vision for a better tomorrow and a belief that we truly are a global community of connectedness rather than separation.

2.    Why is the topic of Align, Expand and Succeed important to you?

In order to fully live one’s purpose it is essential to know what the primary values are. Based on this knowledge the greatest gift we can give to others is to be in complete alignment with these values. Do we hit the mark 100% of the time? Not likely, but it is something to strive for.

The more in alignment we are the more likely we are to expand into a level of success that reaches far beyond simply the outward evidence of success. It applies to virtually every area of our life.

3.    Why are you specially qualified to write about this topic?

As I wrote in my chapter, my life was not always one of being in alignment, nor one of success. Actually, just the opposite was the space I resided in for many years. Due to fear, uncertainty and inappropriate choices my life could not have been more out of alignment even if I had designed it to be such.

Through a series of events, mentors, teachings and the willingness to do things differently, my life went from one of lack, fear and failure to one of clarity and success beyond what I could have imagined.

It’s very important for someone to understand what success means to them and from this perspective determine what needs to be done to achieve success. Again, it goes beyond the material and more to a state of mind.

With the right state of mind we tend to have the right state of condition.

4.    What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?

There are only a few things we MUST do in life. Reading this book isn’t necessarily a must. However, I can assure anyone who reads it, you will go through a shift in perception.

The chapters are amazing and each has a very important message for the reader. If you are ready for a shift in perception on how businesses can be run, this book is for you. There is an emergence of men and women who are definitely willing to do things differently. The book is chock full of example after example of the obstacles many of us had to overcome to get to the place of “To thine own self be true”

5.    What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?

Being out in nature is definitely a “creativity spark”. When I work in my flower gardens I tend to have lots of creative thoughts surface. And hanging out with creative people is another surefire way to spark my creativity.

6. What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into
this unusual industry?

Writing and being an author are two different things. I believe lots of people have the dream of writing but also have a fear of being judged. Those of us who write because we have to, simply write because we have to. There is something we want to share.

To keep that something inside can literally kill our spirit. To be willing to put it out there is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.

7. Do you have any final words?

When you get to the end of your life and all is said and done will you be one who says, “I wish I would have I wish I could have?” or will you be one who says, “I lived my truth and the world is a better place because of it?”

Get your copy of Align, Expand and Succeed and enjoy an abundance of gifts with your purchase.

About Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketing is an Internet marketing advisor who works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn their information into money making products and services. As an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur, Kathleen is best known for her expertise with teleseminars, online bestseller book launches, information product development and continuity programs. She is committed to helping others discover how their life’s work and spiritual path go hand in hand.

Testing Out Feng Shui

I implemented some of the principles of feng sui in my home. However, overtime I’ve allowed life to take me over. Here do a case study of Feng Shui to help you (and me) to better understand it.

Overcoming Challenges

This morning I interviewed Life Success Coach Nickcole Byrd who taught us how to overcome challenges. She covered 5 principles that she uses with her clients and graciously  outlined them here on my blog.  Read them below and go to For Powerful Women Only to hear her dynamic presentation.

Nickcole says: nickcole byrd

Any challenge in your life that you face can only be dealt with a clear mind and clear perspective.  This clarity comes from taking the opportunity to conduct a healthy analysis of your situation

Principle #1

Get a clear understanding about what you are dealing with..

Principle #2

Get the right perspective

Principle #3

Talk about It- Talking promotes healing

Principle #4 Retreat and Reflection

When you going through something you can begin to embrace the transition or change by taking the time to retreat.  Me time.  Allow yourself time to feel the emotions. Ask the hard questions:

What’s next? What’s my next move?  What action do I need to take towards this challenge? What are the practical things I need to do?  When do I need to do them?  What resources will I need to do them…

Principle #5 Be Flexible

Principle #6 Create a process, a daily agenda to work towards it and implement

Adjusting and Adapting

Ingrid & Teisha at Niche Affiliate Marketing System

Ingrid Owens & Lady T

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I just interviewed Ingrid Owens of Beginners Photography Blog, and what an inspiration!

She left her family in Ireland, walked away from an established family business that she was running and moved here to marry the love of her life. It was challenging:  learning to drive on the other side of the road, grocery shopping and not recognizing any of the brands on the shelf and trying to survive in the high-stress, American corporate world.  But she cried and worked her way through and has since established a successful photography business in Georgia!

Listen in as she talks about how you can adjust and adapt to the many changes in your life and come out on top!