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Holiday Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

Today my guest blogger is Ali Brown, if you haven’t  heard of her then you need to! There’s more information about her following this blog post. Thanks Ali!


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With the kids around more than usual over the holidays, you might be missing quiet time to get solid work done at home. Most moms I know get too busy to properly plan ahead. But, if you get a little creative, you can set your kids up for a fun, memorable vacation and not miss a beat at work.

Hire holiday help
Remember, K-12 kids aren’t the only ones home for the holidays. Most college students have 3 weeks off and are probably going crazy under their parents’ roofs themselves. (Don’t we all remember those days?) Ask your friends and neighbors if their older children are looking for some extra cash around the holidays to play nanny, so you can still play boss.

Volunteer your kids
During the holidays, soup kitchens and animal shelters are always looking for an extra hand. Appoint an adult chaperone (or two) to take the kids out for a day of kid-friendly volunteer work (For kid-friendly volunteer opportunities, click here.) Not only will it get your kids off the couch, but it also might get them into the spirit of giving in a life-changing way.

Indulge their hobbies
Whether it’s tennis, ballet, reading, or art, sign your kids up for mini-workshops that they can attend during the weekdays. If you can’t find a class in the community, then have a bunch of moms pitch in to hire a private teacher and host group classes in your own home (this method works best if you have a basement you can work in ;)). And don’t forget there are a ton of talented high school and college-level athletes and artists who would be thrilled to teach a group of kids!

Keep a routine
If there’s no way around it and it’s just you and the kids, be sure to set some boundaries so their day doesn’t invade yours. Instead of letting the kids run wild all day long, try to set a schedule for them so they get a mix of exercise, education and rest time. Plan holiday movie time or holiday project fun time, to give you 1.5-hour blocks of time to knock a few things off your to-do list.

Streamline your to-do list
Be honest, if the kids are home, you’re not going to get as much done as you usually would. There’s no reason to beat yourself up and feel like you’ve fallen behind. Instead, write down the top 3 work items that you MUST get done each day and make sure you accomplish them. That way you can shut down your computer feeling right about your day, and focus on all the wonderful time you get to share with your kids!

Don’t forget to indulge your own inner child and join your kids in a few fun holiday projects. That’s the beauty of being a “mom”preneur — you get to decorate gingerbread cookies with your kids in the morning, then work while they giggle to Frosty the Snowman in the background. Could you have a better workday than that?

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I Don’t Sleep

I don’t sleep and I have a problem with that.

No, I’m not an insominac.

No, I don’t have sleep apnea.

No, it doesn’t affect my productivity during the day.

I’ve never required much sleep.

But this is still a problem because all of the latest research, studies, scientists, sleep gurus and children’s books say that we’re suppose to sleep 8 hours a night. The latest information  says if we don’t we will gain weight!



OMGoodness, I sleep 4-5 hours a night! No wonder I can’t lose a pound! I thought it was because I don’t exercise!



So AGAIN, I’m going to do my best to CONSCIOUSLY override my biology, that is obviously set on NIGHT-OWLish and make myself go to bed at  midnight, as opposed to 3am, and wake 8 hours later.

Whenever I engage in this biological tug of war, the results are ALWAYS the same.  I wake up 4 hours later- 4am.


 But hey, I’ve gotten my required sleep so I jump up and think, “Hot dog! The kids won’t be up until 8! I have a whole 1/2 day to myself!”  Happy dance!


I am  enamored with my many opportunities: I can go walking outside or on the threadmill-but my body isn’t as excited about that opportunity; it reminds me that this is bedtime.

I can blog or work on my ebook-but my brain says that requires a little too much thinking, it’s really bedtime.

I can have a intimate, stimulating conversation with my husband. He is usually up because he’s also a nightowl, but around 4am he’s starting to settle down because it’s bedtime.

I can get a jump on the laundry, bleach down the  bathrooms, organize my desk, but my brain challenges me, “why would you get up at 4am to do mundane house work?!”


I walk around relishing my senses in a quiet, dark house.




And as always, I settle down with my favorite thing to do: I sit down to read my Bible, have prayer and meditate. Ahhhhh!

But 30 minutes into it I’m asleep! 10 minutes later I wake up in my chair groggier & sleepier than…the last time I tried to overide my biology!

I stumble back to my bed and collapse onto the mattress. It’s 4:45am, a little later than my regularly scheduled bedtime.

My body now kicks in to get it’s pre-programmed, required 4 hours. It also has to re-calibrate the programmed glitch that I caused when I went to bed at midnight, so it decides to calculate an additional 2hrs of needed sleep.

I don’t wake up until after11am!!

I jump out of bed appalled! How dare the bed molested me into a deep sleep! How did my pillows turn into fluffy clouds and my husband’s piggy sounds melt into angelic songs?!

I’m flabbergasted at my body’s betrayal! I yell at it, “I went to bed at midnight! We are rested! Why did you not get up until 11am? You know all I have to do today!”

And as always, my body responds with the same answer, “I got this. There are some things that are pre-programmed and are going to happen until they are programmed to NOT. The egg released from your ovaries, your breathe, the beating of your heart,  your need to sleep and 10,000 other functions are all handled by me. You’re the fool for thinking that you can control it. The wisdom of the body is created and evolved; it’s greater than the limited thoughts of your changing wants. On this you’ll have to trust ME.”

don't have biological warfare!







MORALE OF THE STORY: Don’t fight it. Go with the flow of life. Pay attention to the patterns and align yourself with those; regardless of what the “experts” say.

Law of Attraction and Quitting Your Job

On my new blogtalk radio show this week I spoke with Dr. Joanne White! What a wealth of knowledge she provided as we talked about trusting the Law of Attraction when you make the decision to quit your job and start your business.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that your dominate thought creates your life experiences. If you hate your job and want to get out to start your own business you can’t allow your dominate thought to be, “I hate my job, I wish I could work from home!” You will “create” a better life for yourself,  faster, if you were to allow your thoughts to be, “I am leaving this job and working successfully from home in my own business as a________!”  Not only does that relieve stress and help keep you focused but energetically it changes you to the point that you become open to seeing and receiving the opportunities that makes this a possibility. There’s also a little spiritual-magic that happens when we believe in something so much that we allow it to control our actions, for faith without works is dead.

To help you change your thoughts and create a better life for  yourself use affirmations.

Dr. Joanne has been using the Law of Attraction for over 25 yrs to manifest success in her life, just check out her site to discover how it has worked for her!

Listen in on this awesome interview with Dr. Joanne White!

Listen to internet radio with ImtheBossofMe on Blog Talk Radio


No Is the New YES!

You volunteer at your church.

You help out in your community.

You are the go to person in the family.

The kids can’t live without you.

Everyone counts on you.

They know who to come to to get things done.

You are Ms. It.

Ms. Thang.

You do it all.

Yeah,  how is that working for your business?

I am always amazed at my clients, powerful women, when they tell me that they are going to put in 1-2 hours a day, 2-3 days a week, on their business.

It makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD because they HIRE me as their business coach and then assume that they will continue with their regularly scheduled program-barely putting time into their business.

I have to tell them, “No, no sister girl. Now it’s time to work! And the business on-the-back-burner-thang is no longer going to cut it!”

They are always shocked! “How many hours Lady T? I have to do this & that & this & that….maybe I can do an hour a day 6 days a week.”

That is their sacrifice!  That is their compromise!

That is hilarious.

That is sad.

Because it reveals (to me AND often times to her) how much time she has been putting into her business before hiring me.

Moms, if you want your business to grow you MUST put in more time. And that means learning to say no to everything and everybody, for a while, to get momentum in your business.

How long do you have to say no? I don’t know.

It depends on your business, your depth of knowledge in your industry, your competition, your computer skills, the number of children, how old they are etc.

I assumed that my first year in business I could immediately make $5,o00 a month. That’s what all of the gurus told me I could do.

But I spent the first several months learning how to put my website together. Months later I outsourced it and the first time I ran into a problem I didn’t have the knowledge or language to explain the problem to my host sever.

I spent the next several months learning internet marketing. Then came Twitter a BRAND new form of social media with it’s new rules and laws.

You have got to put in time into your business to learn the things that you’re not proficient in and then put in time to learn how to use the technology to  capitalize on the things that you ARE proficient with.

Learn to say no so that you can say Yes to your success!





Do you have a hard time saying, NO? Here are some phrases that I teach women in my seminars. Try these nice “no” phrases on for size.

“I would love to however…..”

“Thanks for the opportunity however….”

“What a wonderful idea, however…..”

“I appreciate you asking me of all people, however…..”

If you need to stall for time because you’re too afraid to say “no” right there on the spot here are nice ways to lead to no:

“Let me check my schedule before I commit to that.”

“I’ll get back to you on that.”

Go home and practice and then call them back with one of the above ‘no’ phrases.

Do NOT (and I repeat DO NOT) go into long explanations. They do not care!

If they ask why, they are just trying to judge if it’s really important or how to talk you into what they want. That’s not for them to decide is it? So again don’t give long explanations.

If you want success you must learn to say no because “No’ is the new “Yes”! Use it generously for the sake of your success.

Have you discovered a “no” phrase that works for you? Share it with us!

The Source of Wealth Radio

Here is an interview that I did on how to turn your idea into a business with Gwendolyn Green of Source of Wealth Club. She teaches people how to build wealth blogtalk radiothrough real estate. However on her Blogtalk Show she talks to people who offer powerful information on how to build wealth in different ways.

I, of course, talked about building a legacy by staying home with your children and turning your idea into a business; a business that is centered around your purpose and passion.

It was a fun interview with Gwen “dropping a beat” every time she thought I said something profound, LOL!  I discussed in particular:


  • How to set realistic goals as a mother
  • What steps you need to take when you have a business idea
  • Why, as a mother, you need to be awake, alive and alert in the raising of your children
  • How to take responsibility for the direction of your life

It’s a long interview and she doesn’t introduce me until 8min into the broadcast but it is INSPIRING and INFORMATIVE! And if you want to learn how to turn your idea into a business it’s worth listening to. Copy and paste this link:–from-rags-to-riches

or click the link

Listen to internet radio with greenmoney62 on Blog Talk Radio



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