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Single Mom, MOM or MOPS-Tips on How to Accomplish Goals

Whether you are a single mom, MOMS or a MOPS it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about your future career when you have multiple children and can’t even get to the shower.
Here are some tips on how to move forward with your dreams even while baby is sitting on your hip!

Are You Still Focused on Your Goals for the New Year?

We’re now well pass the hype of the New Year! Are you still focused? Are you on track?

Recently I’ve received requests for coaching and unfortunately I’m not available for coaching right now. But here is something that I have my (past) clients do in order to help them shut down the extra voices and stay focused on what they want to accomplish.

Are you still focused or are you like the 90% who have forgotten about their goals back in February? This video will help


A Protein Rich, Low-Carb Breakfast Smoothie for Busy Moms

As a busy moms we have to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. It’s crazy that we’ll fix nutrious breakfast for the kids and run on a cup of coffee and a bagel.

This green smoothie recipe for busy moms is protein & calcium rich! The kale, yogurt, almond milk and protein hemp  are specifically added for protein. Notice that bananas and orange juice are NOT part of this recipe because that only adds to the sugar content. So it’s also a low carb breakfast food!

Here’s my recipe for a nutrious, protein, green, low carb breakfast smoothie that will get you through the morning.

smoothie ingrediants

Frozen fruit
Almond milk
Hemp Protein (Whole Foods store)
Chobani  Greek Yogurt (it’s all natural)
100% Maple Syrup (grade A)
Fresh organic kale
Cayenne Pepper

Most of these ingredients will last a LOOONG time.  So there’s no excuse for not having a green smoothie everyday. The only thing that you’ll have to buy once a week is the almond milk, yogurt and fresh kale.

I never measure the ingredients. I’ve just learned, over time, how to eyeball it for the desired consistency. If The Husband decides to drink some or one of the children say they don’t want any then it throws off my eyeball recipe. But I’ve learned how to throw in a banana to thicken it or add more milk to thin it out. It’s so delicious that we drink it thick or thin!



smoothie pineapple  Another thing that I add to my green smoothie when the children are around is  2tbsp of crushed pineapple. This is a natural way of adding sweetness.

1tsp of cayenne pepper which is good for blood circulation





smoothie spirulina 1 tbsp of powder spirulina adds minerals,  B vitamins, calcium and a stinking smell (it’s dehydrated blue green algae).   This you can buy in the bulk section of Earthfare or another health food store.





So make yourself a healthy meal and you’ll be surprised that your kids will join in and want one too!

What do you put in your green smoothie that gives you energy for your busy day mom?

How To Move Forward in 2014

The word of the month is MOVING FORWARD because in 2014 you can’t afford to look back!

Why didn’t God put eyes in the back of your head? As a vulnerable human you could certainly use them there.

That way you can really, “watch your back”.  LOL moving forward in 2014

They are in the front and we can truly pull a metaphysical message from this;

it is more important to look ahead than look behind.

When you look behind-at the things that you miss, lost, had-you are stuck in the past. You are living today but mourning yesterdays. Mourning brings with it biochemical changes.

At the appropriate time mourning is healing and cleansing but when one has become “stuck” there then it turns into depression, bitterness and regrets.

Carrying around these emotions when you are trying to live your best life is such a dichotomy that it becomes TOTALLY impossible. Which leads to more regrets, bitterness and depression. And you live a vicious cycle.


FORGIVE       That’s it.

  • Let go of the thought that you are owed something.
  • Let go of the thought that you have lost something.
  • Let go of the thought that things are suppose to be a certain way.


What if everything was just the way it’s suppose to be. It’s perfectly designed to bring you happiness but in your stuck state of mourning you’re only seeing and experiencing the bad.

Think about it. And then let go. You have nothing to lose; except bright, new reasons to move forward!