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How to Get to Mental Heaven

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Mental harmony is heavenly; that means your thoughts are in alignment with The Divine. You EXPECT the best from everything and everyone all the time. You ARE your best without arrogance in everything among everyone all the time. You LOVE everything and everyone all the time because you can see how we are all connected.

Most humans never experience this heavenly mental harmony. We are focused on the external things of the world. We look at the apple, the snake, the tree and are confused by The Deceiver. We live in a form of mental hell. Then our thoughts become aligned with The Enemy. We EXPECT the worst of people and possibilities. We FEAR opportunities and potentials. We are CONTROLLED by our own opinions and emotions & BELIEVE that ours alone is right. We CANNOT see how we are connected to everyone & everything, INCLUDING God.

I seek & crave that conscious, mental harmony EVERY a.m. Sometimes it’s only for 5min as I lay in bed preparing for my day & sometimes it’s 20min-1 hour as I sit and read The Bible and meditate…BEFORE the kids wake up…because once they are up it is on!

The way to get to that place of mental harmony – the way to heaven is to consciously focus on God and the Spiritual world. To meditate. EVERY DAY.

No, I did NOT say pray everyday because for most of us prayer is a recital of the problems, rehearsed fears and restated opinions that keeps us trapped in the physical world.

Meditate-in other words you shut down the noise/talk/verbiage. (I have a video on YouTube that talks about HOW to shut down the noise and eliminate fears do this.) You must set up the Sabbath  EVERY day to experience mental heaven.

face it

Women are notorious for trying to help other people solve their issues at the expense of dealing with their own. That’s why I lOVE this quote by James Baldwin. Face your issues! face it

Business Travels Tips: Overriding the Hotel Thermostat

I love speaking to women across the country! It allows me to travel and see different parts of the country. But business travel isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. But here’s a business travel tip to help ease the stress. And it is stressful at times. I’ve encountered bed bugs.

I was trapped in a snowstorm for 4 days and couldn't go home.

I was trapped in a snowstorm for 4 days and couldn’t go home.

I have been trapped by snow storms.


I have played the waiting game to see if a plane would actually show up and take me on to my next destination.

Patiently waiting...waiting...waiting for my flight!

Patiently waiting…waiting…waiting for my flight!



And I am not even going to talk about the variety of “fun” a mom can have when traveling with kids while on business.

keeping kids entertained while I work.

keeping kids entertained while I work.

See my video on How To Travel with Kids and Stay Sane by clicking here.

However, I can’t complain because there are so many joys of traveling.

But I’ll tell you the biggest thing that annoys me when traveling: the hotel that doesn’t let me control the temperature of my room. I like it toasty. I don’t want to feel a hint of a chill on my skin when I go to the bathroom in the night or get out of the shower in the morning. So I was glad to find this video on how to override the thermostat on the wall! A great tip that I will use on my business trip next week!

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