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Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Climb

Mom entrepreneur, as you grow your business it’s very easy to become frustrated by the climb. You may not be an overnight success and that means a lot of hard work while you continue to cook, clean and chase toddlers. That may mean working on your business during the night while holding a sleepy baby. Or talking to clients while chauffeuring teenagers; all examples of my day, by the way.

But remember that it’s not about the other side, it’s really about the lessons that you learn while on this side of your small business. The lessons of creativity, patience, thanksgiving, giving love when tired, receiving help when you need it, being joyful when life is unbalanced, moving forward when you’re lost and a whole host of other lessons that, when allowed to build your character, will serve you greatly on the other side of success.

Enjoy the climb to the top because when you get there there will be another mountain to climb.

This song, sung by Miley Cyrus, is a wonderful reminder.

How Do You View Life’s Disasters?

The next morning Edison stood outside surveying the wet ashes. He is quoted as having said, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.”

Celebrate Your Small Victories

Work at home moms, entrepreneur women, this is a hilarious illustration of the need to celebrate your own success! Even when you’re losing, even when things aren’t going your way, you should celebrate the smallest victory. That ONE little, bitty victory is a sign that things are on the way up!

Click on the word YouTube to get your LAUGH OF THE DAY!

Which is Bigger: Your Problem or You?

After having coached an absolutely powerful woman this morning, I hung up the phone-well, I actually closed up the phone-amazed, again, that someone can be so talented, so gifted, so powerful, so called to do what she does and still struggle with doubt and negativity.

To help her move along, we refocused on her target market, mission and vision statements. I talked her through a visualization activity that reminded her of her strengths and gave her a nightly assignment. Once reminded of her potency she was ready to resume the pursuit of her weekly goals.

But once again I was reminded of how our minds can make life, troubles, our weaknesses, seem so much bigger then they truly are.

Then I found this video. The card trick is a great visual of that point. Adrian Law also addresses how to deal with the negative thinking and the benefit of a coach.

Work With What You Got!

So it’s been suggested that I change my banner from the gorgeous, pink leopard with the lashes-that I created with my own Adobe, incompetant hands-to…. something else. Well because the person who recommended it is my coach and I pay her money, I decided to trust her judgement. So I went on a search for stock photography that would represent the image of a business mom.

After several days, I found a perfect picture but they wanted $100 for it! I decided to call my photographer over and asked her to recreate the same picture using the items on my desk. The result is the new and improved banner that you see above. Since my photographer is a mom that I coach we were able to barter our services. She’s doing what she loves to do, take pictures for me. And I’m doing what I love to do, coaching a motivated momtrepreneur to success!

If you’re looking to spend money, stop and look around you. Oftentimes you can get creative and just work with what you got!