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Bedbugs and Living Your Purpose

I woke up and there he was laying next to me. He had his way with me all night caressing my body, my arms, my neck, and now fully satisfied from my bodily pleasures he lay silently sleeping on my pillow.

How To Stop Negative Thinking

Left To Tell was written by Immaculee Ilibagiza, who spent 91 days hiding in a bathroom with 7 other people during the Rwanda Holocaust. Her life story is riveting and will put to shame any mompreneur who complains about her current state of life.  If you have access to your children and even have the OPTION to consider being a SAHM your life is beautiful and you should shut up your whining and get busy! Everything else is just your own negative thinking holding you back.

I’ve created a video on How To Stop Negative Thinking to help you move on with your life. If Immaculee Ilibagiza could do it after her devastating sufferings so can you while surrounded by your comforts.

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I Quit My Job-E Brown

My interview with Eddie Brown was fantastic, inspiring and informative!

He talked about the preparation he and his wife made as he went forth to start his own public relations company. I admire this young man who discovered how to take a natural talent and get paid for it!

Listen in as we continue the I Quit My Job series on Blogtalk Radio.

Traveling Across Country-Bus 52

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with an inspiring group of young people; Amy Rose, Gelb, Amy, Steve & Chris the team on Bus52.

They have created the awesome challenge of driving to 48 states in 52 weeks and collecting  inspiring examples of community interaction and innovation.  Saturday they came to The Generous Garden to interview the Director Bo Cable and be amazed by the work of volunteers. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I had communicated with over 50ppl who volunteered for that day; but because of the rain we ended with 22. I’m sure they were able to get a great story anyway.

I was inspired by THEIR story! It has been my 8yr DREAM to travel across country in an RV with my children! I decided last summer that I’m going to do it this summer, but after talking with Gelb I see that it’s going to take  A LOT of planning. He spent 2 years planning! I also realized how much I DON’T know. I would love to stay in contact with him and pick his brain when I need it.

It’s sooo totally cool to be young and free to come and go and to travel as you desire. As I stood talking with them I remember having a dream to travel across country even at the age of 16. At age 21 I went on a business trip with a colleague to Las Vegas and we decided to extend our trip. We drove to Mexico and traveled up the west coast, sleeping in the car, all the way to Los Angeles before flying home. What fun!

I pray that these 5 will have safe travels and find much success as they travel on their Bus 52 to inspire America. They have definitely inspired me and made me more determined to live my (other) dream!