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How To Overcome Challenges

Traci KnoppeToday I interviewed Traci Knoppe. She is another homeschooling work at home mom, who has gone after her dreams to make her home-base business work for her and her family. Today she is owner of an American website managment service company called Your Web Tech Team. It is “growing at a rate of 100% a month!”  Yes, she is doing what so many WAHMs are trying to do, and on this interview she tells us how she got there.

Traci gives specific tips on how to overcome your challenges but you’ll also glean  insights as she tells about her own personal challenges of depression, attempted suicide, divorce, and obesity. Click in now!

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How To Pursue Your Passion

Unfortunately my guest didn’t make it to the call this morning so I had to adlib on my live  BlogTalk Radio show. Fortuately it was one of my many favorite subjects; pursuing your passion!

 So many people have complained about their life for years and the truth is you will continue for many more years if you don’t make some moves to improve  it. Click in to hear me give tips on steps that you can take toward creating the life you want.



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How To Develop Your Intuition

Alison Kelly

Alison Kelly

Today  on my blog talk radio show I interviewed Alison Kelly of  After a debilitating life threatening disease Alison surrendered to her calling of helping people learn how to hear their angles and find their spiritual paths.

On this interview she tells her story and gives great tips on how to develop your intuition. It is a MUST LISTEN. Click on the link to hear.

For Powerful Women Only

How To Go After Your Dreams

jennyisemanNursing her cranky baby “almost 24 hours a day!” Jenny Isenman wrote funny articles about him just to stay sane. She wanted to be a published writer and so she kept that in mind as she wrote her articles in columnist style.  She also used Facebook to help her keep sane and quickly realized the power of social media!

So she started Suburban Jungle and “harassed” her Facebook followers to go read it. She went after her dreams.

In less then a year, she has a bi-weekly column  at IVillage and is a contributing writer for Sunsentinel and She’s also featured in the book See Mom Run

Check out our conversation on my blogtalk radio show, For Powerful Women Only! Here she gives business tips and a few laughs!

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