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Overcoming Challenges

This morning I interviewed Life Success Coach Nickcole Byrd who taught us how to overcome challenges. She covered 5 principles that she uses with her clients and graciously  outlined them here on my blog.  Read them below and go to For Powerful Women Only to hear her dynamic presentation.

Nickcole says: nickcole byrd

Any challenge in your life that you face can only be dealt with a clear mind and clear perspective.  This clarity comes from taking the opportunity to conduct a healthy analysis of your situation

Principle #1

Get a clear understanding about what you are dealing with..

Principle #2

Get the right perspective

Principle #3

Talk about It- Talking promotes healing

Principle #4 Retreat and Reflection

When you going through something you can begin to embrace the transition or change by taking the time to retreat.  Me time.  Allow yourself time to feel the emotions. Ask the hard questions:

What’s next? What’s my next move?  What action do I need to take towards this challenge? What are the practical things I need to do?  When do I need to do them?  What resources will I need to do them…

Principle #5 Be Flexible

Principle #6 Create a process, a daily agenda to work towards it and implement

Submitting To Your Husband

Okay, so I am a Pastor’s wife and I am Follower of Christ but I am NOT the traditional church woman and despise traditional church answers.

Overcoming Divorce and Depression

I just finished talking with Carol Bremner of and what an interesting life. Carol is now over 60Carol Bremner and has been married for 31 years to the same guy.  So you wouldn’t have guessed that she use to hang out with gangs, was an alcoholic and was on Prozac for 10 yrs!

Her 6 children have survived her antics and are successful and her at home business is doing very well also!  Thank God for God because without His grace she would have ended up a statistic like so many others. Instead she’s a like and  beacon to older bloggers and internet marketers.  Click here to isten in  interview, it is inspiring.

BTW, Carol’s 81 year old mother has been her role model and is a blogger and internet marketer too! Here’s her website Granny blogger.

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