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Building Your Business With Teleseminars

Today I interviewed Doug Hoyt,  founder and president of Net Worthy Media based out of Naperville Illinois. Doug teaches and helps entrepreneurs to build their businesses with  teleseminars. I love this guy and think I’ve found my Teleseminar coach! He’s not hype. He’s not all about money. He’s a guy who just wants to help people with the expertise that he has….and of course get paid-well he has 4 children and wants them to have a good life.

In this interview he talks about:

  • why it’s important to incorporate teleseminars into your marketing plan
  • what it takes to actually run a teleseminar
  • the benefits of using them to build your business
  • …..too much to mention! The interview is almost 45min long!

No hype. Nothing to sell. As you listen to his interview check out his website.

Mommy Leadership

Stephanie WilliamsI just finished talking with Stephanie Williams of Mommy She has written a book that EVERY mother needs to read! It’s called…MOMMY LEADERSHIP, How To Use Your Motherhood Experience to Grow As A Leader!

She takes you through the Mommy Leadership process of helping you identify the skills that you use as a mother and then she helps you to adapt and execute those skills in the workplace or community where you can repeat and perfect them professionally!

What a breath of fresh air! It’s insightful and encouraging!

We talk all about it on my BlogTalk show, For Powerful Women Only. Listen in now!

Trust The Process

headshot_marlo_reduxI just got off the phone with Marlo Wallace Boux of The Greg and Marlo Show. She is a super fun mom and talented woman who has had to learn how to trust that God was bringing her where He wanted before she ever got there.

How many of us has had THAT challenge?!

Today Marlo is the co-host of THE very popular talk show, The Greg and Marlo Show, but she struggled while she tried to make money as a stay home mom. One day she met a man on Twitter and…the rest is history. Listen to her tell her story.

At the end she gives tips to other radio show hosts on how to step up your game!

Finding Your Way

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero was a divorcee, then a single parent, then unemployed; but her determination to be with her sons made her successful.