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How To Build Your Wealth Before You Start Your Business

Today I spoke with author, Gwen Green of Source of Wealth Club, she found herself in a bad situation:  a single parent with 2 small children and poor child-care opportunities. She had to figure out how to make money fast! God spoke to her and showed her the way! Now she helps others get out of debt by using real estate.

Our conversation centered around how to help you build your wealth before you start your business. It’s a challenge because while still working your job you must use your money to:


  • continue living
  • pay off debts
  • invest in your business
  • save for the future

We talked about all of that and more! One of her suggestions was Progressive Self-Investment. Simple and Powerful!

Click in and listen it’s only 29min

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I’m The Boss of Me

I'm The Boss of Me Radio

I'm The Boss of Me going from entrepreneur to employee

When you decide to start a business make sure it’s something that you love to do.

I love doing my new radio show, I’m The Boss Of Me! I help people transition from employee to entrepreneur! This is my second radio show and I AM THE BOSS OF ME!

When I think about writing articles, I get stressed.

When I think about doing a webinar, I’m overwhelmed.

When I think about blasting to everyone on several social media platforms about how much money I’m making and how busy I am I get bored. Who cares!?

When I think about sending out 2-3 emails to my list to stay in contact with them I get tired FOR THEM.

But when I think about doing 2 BlogTalk Shows a day I get excited! Forwarding the great content to others isn’t stressful. Telling others about how wonderful it is doesn’t overwhelm me.

Why? Because I love talking to people and asking questions.

You must created the job that you love. Become the BOSS OF YOU!

As soon as I monetize this show then I’m going to add 2 more. I would love to interview preachers and spiritual leaders on a regular basis.

What do you love to do and how can you build your business around it?


Common Bio Blunders

I just interviewed Nancy Jutten of Bye Bye Boring Bios and it was awesome! She’s a mom of a 14yo son who started out at home and then went to work and then started her own business. Sounds familiar?

Her business took off but just before it crashed (due to the economy) she repositioned herself and it has been bigger than she ever imagined!

We talked about all of that plus!

We didn’t cover too much on how to create your attractive bio because the other side of her story was so inspiring that I didn’t want to change the topic….we even went over time! LOL!

You can listen to this exciting interview by clicking the link

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Inner Alignment

Today I spoke with Marie Kirkland of Inner Alignment Living. She’s is a spiritual life coach, radio host of Conversational Journeys and author of the eBook DeClutter Your Life. She is also a contributor to the book, Speaking Your Truth.

Today she shared how she became her own client and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and realignment with her Source. At the end she gave us 3 tips to begin alignment.

  1. Unplug yourself from technology
  2. Commit a practice of saying “yes” to your life.
  3. Keep tract of your “1 Day I Will”s

Check out her interview by clicking the link!

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Releashing Your Fabulous-ness

Brenda Rivas

Today I spoke with business stylist, Brenda Rivas . What an energetic and dynamic woman! The theme of our discussion seem to keep going back to one word-Trust.

Trust the process. Trust the future. Trust that it’s going to all work out. Trust yourself.

Easier said than done huh?

Listen in because she gave some great tips to women entrepreneurs.

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