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Packing List for Business Women

I’m pleased to be a co-author Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. The other mompreneur experts featured in the book are stellar and “have been there done that”…and in some cases (like me) are STILL doing that.

One chapter entitled, “From Business Suit to Bathing Suit” discusses mastering business travel with family & friends.  I’ve been traveling for years but it’s very rare that I travel for business with my children. So having an expert’s advice was pretty enlightening for me. Cindy Sakai gives you a strategy for surviving the airplane ride (like board last), toys to avoid some things to consider when you and your family have reached your destination (like how to manage work and play time) and a suitcase strategy that allows you to keep business travel light.

I have always been able to pack light for myself.  As a matter of fact I traveled Europe for two weeks doing seminars from the U.K. to London with a carry on suitcase and large purse! My family and friends are amazed by my packing skills! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So I’ve included my personal packing list. This has saved me from nail-biting plane rides wondering if I’ve forgotten something.

A couple of business travel tips:

  • Everything in listed in the “Toiletries” section below should remained packed in your business luggage at all times.
  • Locate the closest Wal-Mart as soon as you arrive to purchase necessities. For me it’s bottled water, apples, mini carrots, nuts and raisins.  Wal-Mart is the perfect store because you can also purchase forgotten items; anything from wrinkle-free khaki’s, to baby wipes, to music cd’s.
  • Roll clothes instead of folding them. This saves space.
  • Leave your business suit on the hanger in the drycleaners plastic bag. I’ve tried rolling it and folding it the results are the same; minimum wrinkles.
  • Write  a To Do list and keep it in your suit case. This list should consist of everything that you need to be taken care of before you leave. Also include a To Do list of everything you want your children to do while you are gone. Leave that list posted on the fridge and when you return home you can check it off before placing it back into your suitcase.
  • Enjoy yourself without guilt. While on business I’ve had the opportunity to detour and visit Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, ride the falls of Niagara and a host of other adventures. My mommy mind said, “awwww, I want my children and husband to be here. I’ll wait until we can do it together.” But the truth is: it may be years (and it has been years) before we ALL have the same schedules, the same taste for adventure & knowledge and the children are all at a easy traveling age, For instance, visiting the Smithsonian Library is not something my husband is interested in. The two older kids will enjoy it for a short period of time and my three younger ones would whine just looking at the building. I was able to delight myself for 3 hours!

Copy and paste the packing list below for your sanity and read the book Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire for your success.  You’ll be glad you did.

My Packing List for Business Women

1 pair of walking/comfortable shoes
1 pair of heels
1 overcoat
2 pairs of pants (one dressy, one casual; wrinkle-free khaki is recommended)

2 shirts (long/short-sleeved that matches the 2 pants)

1 light cardigan for layering

2 pair  of stockings
undergarments-bra and panties 1 for each day (silk, lace, or micro-fiber dries quickest but cotton is healthier)
workout clothes and socks
1 swimsuit (packed in a plastic bag)
Pajamas-one large Tee

Body soap/puff (washcloth); most European hotels do not supply washcloths
Toothbrush/travel size toothpaste/floss
Shower shoes
Other BASIC hair necessities
small spray bottle of bleach water and baby wipes (to spray toilet seats, doorknobs, tv remote, bathtub)
Feminine hygiene products
travel-size Deodorant
Nail clippers/file/polish (for touch ups)
Travel size hand sanitizer
Vitamins packed in a labeled  container
Baby powder (dry shampoo for hair)

Money and Security
Moneybelt: Passport, plane ticket, debit card, credit cards, traveler’s checks, railpass, driver’s license (this should be carried on your body not in a suitcase)
Security: Bury copies of your passport, plane ticket, and prescriptions in the bottom of your luggage & leave copies at home with family.

The Prosperity Game-day 2

Well as suspected I didn’t get to the website to collect my money and go shopping. My time of sitting on the computer and playing around is very limited. I have just enough time to get on and handle my business. Not to mention, I’m not too fond of shopping anyway. Nevertheless, here 2 wks later, is the result of my second check.

This time around I realized that I often tell myself  “I have everything that I need” and “I don’t need to go shopping” because I DON’T like shopping.  This has lead me to buying “any ol’ thing” in a hurry. Or just avoiding the stores all together and making do with what I have.  I’ve always chalked this up to a great spiritual assessment that I’m not materialistic. And maybe that is true to some extent. But it also leaves me completely out of touch with what I like. Clothes and dressing has become more of a utilitarian experience. Whereas it use to be about expressing my unique style.  My creativity and passion of color is completely absent and I know that leaves me unbalanced in other areas! I need to go shopping just to stir up my creativity, passion and unique style again.

Here’s what I purchased with my $100 from the universe. Day 2 of the prosperity game

Click here for day 1 of my prosperity game experience.

The Prosperity Game

I just signed up to play the Prosperity Game at Choosing  The purpose is to stir up a feeling of prosperity in your energy field. So each day  you receive a virtual check from the Universe and then go on a virtual spending spree to make purchases that will bring you the most joy.

Right away I was given $100 from “the universe”. I have to admit, seeing my name on a $100 check felt good. I figured I would buy  a couple of tops and a pair of shoes. But when I went “shopping” at I found a pair of shoes that cost $89. I wrestled with the idea of spending the entire $100 on a pair of shoes. Whenever I would remind myself that I’m going to get some more of these prosperity checks, my other mind would say,  “But yeah…you can’t trust that. Suppose you don’t get back to the website.”


Here are my Lizza Heel Jessica Simpson, honey colored pumps!

Jessica Simpson Lizza Heel pumps

My 1st check will go on a pair of these.

I Have No Secrets.

A reporter went on the street to interview people, but this woman gave him a little too much info.   Hilarious because women don’t give up their secrets too easily but she told it all!

She only said what thousands of women think every day!

Researching Women as Your TARGET Market


Here is my favorite copywriter Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero teaching us how research and write to your target market, an essential skill.

Women, like men, are vastly different and fit in multiple categories making market research more challenging, but incredibly important.

Imagine a circle with the words “female prospect” in the middle. Now when you go to categorize your “female prospect” imagine drawing a circle with a line to each quality she has. Here is just a thumbnail of some you should be looking for:

Different segments

  • Age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s)
  • Single corporate women (with kids/without kids)
  • Married corporate women (with kids/without kids)
  • Single entrepreneurs (with kids/without kids)
  • Married entrepreneurs (with kids/without kids)
  • Single white collar workers (with kids/without kids)
  • Single blue collar workers (with kids/without kids)
  • Stay at home moms

Different lifestyles

  • Active
  • Sedentary
  • Straight
  • Gay

Education level
Religious affiliations
Aging parents/grandparents


The list is practically endless but you can see our female prospect has different needs based on different categories.

Here’s how you work the TARKET FACTOR. One of the things I figured out a long time ago is when you’re writing copy or any marketing materials, you need to be very specific about who you’re talking to. So rather than writing to a mob of people – your target market – I recommend you write to a SINGLE PERSON – your TARKET. Tarket is the term I coined as the singular of target market. It’s like your persona or character or avatar who is a representative of the majority of your ideal customers.

I created this concept and it’s a very useful device when writing copy because it’s extremely connecting and relationship-building which is what women in particular look for.

Here’s how it works. You’ll want to take notes on this.

First you do your target market research so you know where they live, where they shop, what motivates them to spend, what problem you solve.

Next, I’m asking you to take it a step further. When you’re writing your copy I want you to imagine a single person and write to that person. I want you to choose a gender, an age, a back story, even a name. I want you to be able to picture that person and write to her. For example, my tarket is Nikki Stanton, a 37 year old divorced entrepreneur with a web conferencing business. She’s Internet and business savvy. Invests most of her profit back into the business. Lives in San Diego in a gated community with her 10 year old daughter, Madison. Involved in daughter’s school and drives her to dance classes. Has a home office making approximately $117,000 per year. Jogs 3 times a week in the neighborhood. She loves to find bargains on designer clothes. And dreams of visiting Italy with her daughter someday.

This technique makes your copy very personal, like you’re talking to the reader on the other side. Copywriting is actually an interactive sport. There is the writer – you – and the reader or prospect. As soon as the prospect doesn’t feel connected or interested the relationship is over.

If you want to find out the whole story about how to deeply reach the women in your target audience, you can check out this link to the *The She Factor* by visiting and decide if you are ready to join us for the next class.

The She Factor Marketing System

The She Factor Marketing System

I love this technique taught here by Lorrie! It has really helped me. If you can’t join her class, you can get the entire The She Factor Marketing System which includes dvd’s, cd’s and the workbook for 50% off! Just  use coupon TSFMS50 at checkout for 50% off.

Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of “The She Factor®”, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. She has written award-winning home study courses, conducts a world-famous virtual copywriting training, holds live workshops, and is authoring the original book, The She Factor based on her own She Factor Marketing System. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shift from the hype-filled sales to a more modern version…marketing written with authenticity, trust, and rapport.

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