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Finding Your Calling

This morning I spoke with an unplugged mom! Laurette Lynn, is a mompreneur and mother of 3. She serves as an inspiration to women who want to work from home, home school their children and live a balanced life! And that’s what we spoke about on my blogtalk show, For Powerful Women Only.

As a homeschooling mom myself, I always enjoy getting a peek into a mompreneur’s homeschooling day.

She shared her journey of finding the thing that she loves to do and turning it into a business that fits into her lifestyle and serves her family, podcasting, speaking and blogging.

To listen in just click the link!

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Start Planning Your New Year Goals NOW

Many mompreneurs are so busy with year-end holiday plans, completing business projects and taking care of the family that they don’t get around to planning their new year goals until AFTER the New Year festivities!

This is the month. This is the time;  early to mid-Novemeber is when  a mompreneur should re-assess her year and then make plans to do better, different, more or less next year.


Why should you start planning your new year goals NOW? Because holidays plan, meals, shopping and family will attack you like you’re a bloody stump dropped into a hungry shark’s tank! Just think back to last year…and the year before! Remember! The last 3 weeks of the year no one really works.


If YOU are working there is the constant disruption of your day due to shopping, cooking and eating events because everyone’s trying to reconnect and get into “holiday cheer”. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and you want to participate in these events without feeling guilty or pressured to finish out your year end projects.

So start tying your year up right now and/or start planning for next year!

Here are 3 simple steps to start planning for the new year:

  • 1. Create a space of celebration and acknowledgement with a group of momprenuers where you all feel comfortable bragging about your accomplishments for the year of 2011. We all have accomplishments but tend to gloss over them as we go off to work on the next set of goals. A great way to move forward is to stop and celebrate.
  • 2. Buy a FRESH, pretty journal and use it to keep track of all of your goals, projects, ideas and wishes for the new year.
  • 3. Create a Vision Board to help you stay focused on your dreams for 2012. I’m throwing a Vision Board Party on January 12, 2012 at 12noon. It will cost $12.  If you are near Greenville SC you’re invited to join us! Vision Boards are powerful visual reminders to your subconscious (and conscious) mind and will keep pulling you back to where you want to go.

With these 3 simple steps in place your business is treated with respect as you take time out to implement plans as oppose to flying by the seat of your pants come January and playing catch-up for the 1st few of months of the new year.

Are you prepared to start planning your new year goals? Leave a comment!


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Tips for Wearing Make-Up

make-up lesson for mompreneursProctor and Gamble just released a study suggesting that women who wear make-up look more “competent, trustworthy and likeable”. This is a challenge for stay at home moms who have become accustomed to going out bare-faced, in sweats and a ponytail! However, once you pronounce yourself an entrepreneur some changes must be made.

I have never worn make-up but have found that as I get older I do look a little better when I apply foundation and eyeshadow.  Hopefully that’s enough to help me be perceived as “competent, trustworthy and likeable”.  LOL!

Even though the study is funded by the company that manufactures and sells Cover Girl, they did acknowledge that too much make-up can make you come across as someone who is trying to hide something or “shield” yourself. We all know women who are so insecure that they try to cover up flaws with the right clothes and too much make-up.



And then there are those that don’t know how to apply make-up and just need to be trained. My sister is one of those; completely confident…so confident about who she is it doesn’t matter if you don’t like her BLUE eyeshadow and dark lipstick! She’s going to wear it anyway!




So mompreneurs, educate yourself on how to apply make-up, walk in your confidence and don’t use the make-up to hide behind your lack of confidence…people can see it any way!

What do you think about women who wear too much…or too little make-up?

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