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Quotes About Mothers

It’s tough being a mother. I love it but it’s tough. Some days I’m like the whiny kid:

  • Dang I NEVER get to do what I want!
  • Dang, I NEVER get to have my goodies all to myself!
  • Dang, I NEVER get to sleep straight through the night!
  • Dang I NEVER get to go anywhere…by myself!

Today was one of those days. LOL!

But I ran across this beautiful video, that has wonderful quotes about mothers and motherhood and my heart overflowed with gratitude…because God made me a mother!

My favorite mother quote is from Oliver Wendall Holmes:

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men, from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls into their bosom.


quotes about motherhood


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I’m In the Kitchen…again!

I am amazed and frustrated by the fact that we, as humans, need a constant supply of food for energy!


As soon as the day gets going, BAM!, everyone’s hungry and we have to eat again!

As soon we gain some momentum in our road trip, BAM! we have to find a place to eat!






As soon as you drop 2lbs BAM! it’s Christmas time again and time to pig out on all of the not-so-good-for-you goodies!



I really don’t enjoy cooking and the only reason that I DO cook is because I don’t want to hear my children whining about being “soooo hungry”.  If it were left up to me we would all eat an apple, munch on some carrots and throw back some almonds all day.




But Department of Children Services would probably have something to say about that!

To make it even worse on myself, I don’t feel right about serving my children pop tarts for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and processed chicken nuggets for dinner.

Noooooo! I have to cook a balanced, nutritious meeeeeeal! If I don’t I’m tortured with guilt! a balanced meal

This means I have to come up with a shopping list, meal plan and then follow through…bummer!


My husband, on the other hand, LOVES delicious foods; ENJOYS eating and is a better cook than I am.  However, he only cooks 6-7 times a year because he doesn’t want to commit to the role of The Cook.

So I everyday stand around trying to determine how to get around cooking.  I waste an hour of thinking time everyday,  planning it and dreading it,  before I ever move into the kitchen to finally “do it”.

I hate cooking but my husband LOVES it.




And this is what I know to be true: If we all lived our talents without worrying about how we’re going to get paid; if we all operated fully in our gifts, without worrying about where it’s going to take us; if we all truly enjoyed the thing that brings us joy, without complicating life, the world would be so much better for all.

My husband’s unwillingness to live his passion impacts me greatly; and only God knows the impact that it’s having on him.

(Now that I’ve recognized and confessed this wasted hour, it’ll make it easier on me to move forward, woooo hoooo!)

Please leave a comment and share how NOT living your passion has affected you and your love ones.



My First Born is in College!

As I type this, I’m sitting in a hotel room. In an hour I’m going to check out, make one last trip to my son’s dorm room apartment to take him to lunch and buy a few more items. Then I’ll head back home to my husband and 4 other children.

We’re done with him. My first born. My guinea pig. He is…finished.

Until he calls and needs us for something else.

It was almost 18yrs ago that I gave birth to this precious, adorable, curly head baby boy. 17 hours of SHEER pain to have a 8lb infant! (Since him I’ve leaned that it’s faster and easier to have a baby in a natural squatting position with a mid-wife as opposed  lying UNNATURALLY on a hospital table surrounded by masked strangers!)

I thought the day of going to college would NEVER get here!!

Many have asked, “how do you feel?”

I feel great! I’m excited for him! It’s a beautiful time in life and I hope he enjoys it!

He has shown wisdom in making decisions in the past. I trust that he won’t COMPLETELY lose his mind while here in college.

I am concerned for him (and everyone in his generation) about his ability to handle the THOUSANDS of distractions that are in his very hand through his cell phone!

  • 100 friends who can text or call him at any moment.
  • 1000 friends who can talk to him on Facebook….at all times.
  • 200 friends responding to his videos on YouTube, on his cell phone.
  • 100’s(?) who can tweet him with an event or irrelevant line about nothing important, at any moment.

How can a gregarious kid stay focused in the midst of all of the chimes and bells and whistles going off to tell you that someone is texting, tweeting or talking to you? God help him. Help them all!!

as the dragon in Mulan

And that’s all I can say. As I look back at his life I can say he has been prepared for this college season.  He’s been taught, spanked, lectured, trained, encouraged, instructed, prayed for, anointed, baptized and VERY MUCH loved. It’s now his life.

I don’t doubt that he can pull this off.  He’s very bright and has enough personality and confidence to come to this college and TAKE OVER! He can make a major impact on this campus and his peers,  all while being on the Scholar’s list and traveling overseas.

But he will have thousands, literally, thousands of things and people distracting him EVERYDAY. Whew! I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it!

I trust that God has provided this generation a special grace to endure the social media challenges. I pray that my son, my baby, my Manny-Face will chose to walk in it!

May you be blessed my son!

And now I’m on my way home to gear-up for homeschooling my 4th grader, K5, and K4 children and focus my 8th grader on his path to college! May God bless me!

Any other excited but melancholy college moms out there?

Baby Momma Drama

I just interviewed Tangela Price of No Baby Momma and boy does she has a story!  Tangela is determined to change the way fathers are seen. With her own childhood story of being raised by a single parent and later put into foster care, she’s now married to a wonderful man who’s baby’s momma causes problems for their family with excessive child support requests and drama.  Because of this Tangela is on a mission to change the child support laws and the way this country handles child paternity laws. This is a young woman that you must hear!

Tangela Price

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