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What Makes U So Great?

I was recently asked what’s the difference between “a business coach” and “a business coach for moms”? “What makes you so great?”

Glad you asked!

1. I realize that Mompreneurs have to be handled with cotton gloves. As much as we love business, feel “called” to the business or need to make money with the business, if it occupies too much time away from the children or too much money from the family budget we start backpedalling with Mom-Guilt. So I encourage, guide, push and motivate as if I’m coxing a powerful and beautiful lioness out of her cage and into the jungle. She can handle the jungle, but she doesn’t know it yet. I don’t want her to turn back to the safety and confines of the cage.

2. I email my Mommy clients an outline of our discussions, including the list of goals with the agreed upon dates of completion. This is to help the lioness stay focused. There are many distractions calling her; the cubs back in the cage and many other business ideas in the jungle. My follow-up email is printed and hung in her home office to be her visual anchor.

3. I also set my coaching hours to accommodate Mommy hours. Most Mompreneurs can’t get to the phone during the 9-5 hours. The zoo is too busy. We come out of our cage to explore the JungleBusiness after hours. I talk with many of my clients either early in the a.m. or very late at night. This works well for me too because I also live in a zoo. I talk with my business coach at 3pm every other week. She is wonderful but not a mom-God bless her childless soul-so I drive down the street and sit in a church parking lot just to have a focused, uninterrupted conversation. How many coaches will schedule 11:00pm as your weekly appointment? Only another professional Momprenuer.

4. I request/demand that my clients come to the meeting as a Business Woman not a Business Mommy. In other words she cannot talk to me while fixing lunch, or doing laundry. The only thing that I will tolerate is breastfeeding her infant. This is to remind her to honor her business. Most mompreneurs are not always able to give her business full attention and many aren’t taken seriously. During our sessions she has someone on the phone who honors her business and honors her as a business woman. This gives her the permission to do the same. In order to hunt successfully in the jungle she has to see herself as the true lioness that she is; this lioness is proud to hold up the mirror.

For the sake of time I won’t go into all of my other “greatness” secrets. If you’re interested in being coached by someone who loves building and supporting moms in their entrepreneurial pursuits, email me at

What makes you great?


When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurted?

In this fast-paced, busy, go-go world, it’s easy for mom entrepreneurs to get stressed-out by our committments, children and challenges. It’s easy to forget that life is suppose to be fun and exciting. Our children remind us of this all the time, but we’re “too busy”. They’re “too silly”. And excitment makes “too much of a mess.”

Mommy, here is a great tip to remember: laughter is a precious gift for a crazed society. The mental and physcial benefits are numerous! When you laugh endorphins and adrenaline are released into your blood stream. This helps build your immune system, remove stress hormones, and gives you a natural high. Laughter tightens your stomach muscles. It improves blood circulation and increases blood oxygenation. It lowers blood pressure. It is LITERALLY, medicine.

Laughter also improves memory by helping us to retain information; something that great teachers and advertisers always capitalize on. It boosts our emotional state of mind allowing us to see things in a different light. This opens up our creativity and problem-solving abilities.

It’s free, natural and culturally acceptable for both men and women. Go ahead laugh until your belly aches! LOL!


You have unlimited resources. You have unlimited potential. You have unlimited opportunities. So why are you still crying? Why are you still worried? Why are you still wondering how it’s going to work out?

If you can but tap into your Unlimited Creator who created all things, this will take care of your fears, doubts and worries.

You say, “But Lady T, I have tapped into the Unlimited Creator, I know him personally through Jesus Christ, or Budda or by reading The Koran.”

I say, then why are you still crying? Why are you still worried? Why are you still wondering how it’s going to work out?

Don’t Quit!

As Mommy Entreprenuers we have many challenges, primarily balancing home, children, business with many other daily responsibilites. Often it becomes overwhelming. Some days it feels as if we are juggling the balls and other days we’re just trying to keep them under the water.

How do we honor our dreams, talents, and clients when there’s a 2 year old who wants no one but you and a 14 year old who has to be chauffered to her many extracurricular activites?

All of my mom entreprenuer clients ask the same question, in one form or another, “should I wait until the child/children get older?” Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you, but know that even moms with teenagers ask the same question.

I advise that you not make the decision to quit because it’s “too hard”, or “I’m too tired”. You’re going to experience that with 2 children or 7.

 Don’t quit because, “I feel guilty about time away from my children.” Mom, you’re going to experience that when they are age 2 or age 17.

 Don’t quit because, “I don’t have enough time.” EVERYONE is experiencing that, especially mom entrepreneurs.

Learn some time management skills. Eat better so that you can maintain your energy. Learn how to let go of the guilt by getting a different perspective. Network with another mom entrepreneur for accountability and support or hire a business coach.

 But whatever you do, DON’T QUIT!