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Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom

Even in a down economy many people are quitting their jobs, statistics say that 1.5-2million people do so every month. A good majority of those quitters are women who have chosen to be a stay at home mom.

Why are women quitting their jobs to stay home with their children?

Because it makes sense dang-gone it!

Have you compared your income to your work related expenses? There are certain expenses that you acquire just because you go to work. When you look at those honestly you will quickly realize that it may be cheaper if you decided to be a stay at home mom.

Sally Sue (not her real name) contacted me last week for coaching on her new business idea, as we talked she gave me her reason for staying home and starting a business.

She was making around $2,200 a month and had 2 children, a 1yr and 3yr, in daycare.  Her income moved her family’s tax bracket up to 25% which meant she was averaging around $1,650/mo. When you subtract the daycare fees of $300/mo that left her with $1,350.

She told me, “Lady T that’s as far as I went in determining the cost of working. I figured if I could just hang on  in there for another 3yrs then the children will be out of daycare, I’ll get some raises and life would be great. But I realized that because my children were IN daycare I was spending extra money; like disposable diapers. I only buy those because the daycare doesn’t accept cloth.”

But the expenses didn’t stop there. She drove 7 miles to get to the “wonderful” daycare and then turned back around to go 21 miles to work.  Leaving work she would pass up her home, go to the daycare and then back home for a total of 63 miles a day,  5 days a week.  20 days a month equals 1,260 MILES A MONTH!  She said, “when gasoline went go over $3.20 a gallon I would cry filling up my van! And that’s really when I started to pay attention to the other expenses that were related to my going to work.”


Eating lunch at a restaurant with co-workers is convenient and social. And eating out for dinner is quick and easy. Both are very expensive and most moms calculate spending a total of $60-$100 a month just eating out.

“But Lady T, there were other expenses like buying gifts for co-workers & bosses; supporting the co-workers children’s school fundraisers, throwing money into the office pot for office parties. I stop breast-feeding my 1yr old because I was too busy at work to pump milk, so we were buying formula!

Once I deducted my work-related expenses I realized that I was making about $700 a month. With loads of stress! It wasn’t worth it.”

You’ll have to look at your own work related expenses and determine what’s right for you and your family.  By taking a honest financial assessment it will make it easier for you to decide whether or not you should be a stay at home mom.


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Our Homeschool Classroom

Our Homeschool Classroom

Here I share some veteran homeschool tips, curriculm ideas and open my homeschool classroom for you to see. You’ll also meet the last batch of children, including my little Pippi Longstocking wanna-be. LOL


I Am One Stressed Out Momma!

Whew! The summer is almost over and I, for one, will be happy!

My oldest child is leaving us in 2 weeks to go off to college.  So I wanted to make this the best summer yet! I wanted his younger siblings (ages 4, 5, 8 & 13) to remember him having fun with us. I wanted them to remember him!

I wanted him to remember having fun with us.

So everybody is home this summer. No summer camps to separate us. No special trip for this one or “friends’ houses for the week” for that one.  Not even a little get away for me and hubby.

I want us all together, having fun.

Now this is a little crazy because we’re homeschoolers which means that we are ALL always together; but I wanted to be conscious about creating “fun” time.  Because we’re ALL always together it’s not necessary to structure our time. It’s not necessary to create “family” time and “teaching moments” and “stimulate” conversation. It’s happening 70-80% of the day. But it is necessary to create fun.

I’ll never forget when a Pastor friend of ours was visiting a few years ago. He sat down to eat with the kids, but they were quieter than normal because adults were in the room and they were trying to be polite by “keeping down the noise.”

After a few minutes of quietness my Pastor friend said, “well aren’t you kids going to discuss your day?” Looking at my oldest kid he said,  “Don’t you think your brothers are interested in what happened to you today?”  Looking at the others he said, “Aren’t you guys interested in each other’s day?”

That was such a weird concept for my kids that they all looked around the table at each other a bit stupefied to which my friend started a little sermon about the need to “care for each other” and “talk to each other” and “taking time out to be there for one another….and don’t you want to know your brother better and hear about each others’ day?”

My 2nd born son who was just 8 at the time piped up and said, “I already know about his day, we did everything together. We do everything together everyday. He doesn’t have to tell me about it, I was there.”

It was the first time that I consciously realized the power of homeschooling. We don’t have to create artificial conversations to discover each other and “share” our philosophies, it’s ingrained in our daily activities.

However, we do have to create fun…let me rephrase that….I have to create fun. They have fun together 24hours a day! Even as I type this my 17yb and 13yb are at the movies together, while my 8yb, 5yb and 4yg are in the boys’ room screaming in laughter. It’s 11:30pm.

They know how to have fun. I am always working or cleaning, planning or organizing.

Well, I wanted this summer to be a summer of conscious fun, so we’ve been to the movies once a week. The library once awaterpark week. Completed the library’s’ summer book club requirement weeks in advance. We’ve hit the water park a few times. The playground on heat-tolerable nights. Shopped together at the mall 4 times (which is extremely rare, because I hate shopping and I especially hate the mall!).  And had a couple of quick stay-cations.  My mother has been here. My sister, niece and nephew have also come here visit, my 2nd born son & I are working together as volunteers on The Generous Garden Project and we have helped a friend move.


Classical pianist, singer, actor, Christian rapper Manny HoustonBecause my oldest is a musician (classical pianist, Christian rapper and actor) this summer, his last opportunity before college, he was focused on producing music and creating videos. This means that 50% of the summer I’ve had 2-5 guys spending nights and days here as they camped out in the make-shift studio. And although I’ve enjoyed the piano and guitar playing, singing and laughing coming through the walls, it has kept me on pins and needles trying to keep them all fed and full.

I’m one stressed out momma. After you get a certain age creating fun becomes WORK WORK WORK!

It’s a good thing that I enjoy my job, it doesn’t stress me at all. But not being able to work because I’m creating fun for them IS stressing me out, TO THE MAX.

As much as I have loved this summer I’ll be glad to see it end…then I’ll start the stress of homeschooling.

What has your summer been like?

Owning vs Emphasizing Your Femininity

My guest blogger today is Riot.Jane, a witty and highly opinionated woman who is expressing her thoughts on another blogger’s opinion about femininity.  Thank you Riot.Jane!


On a blog the author recently wrote about the motivation behind her decision to begin a mini-revamp on her personal image.  While I tend to respond to such discussions with a “Meh” (I am just not a clothes and make-up kinda girl), the first words caught my eye:

Despite knowing I’ll get ripped for sounding sexist, I’ll say it: I think a lot of single women would probably feel more empowered over their dating lives if they’d own their femininity rather than shove it in their work suits.

Okay, blogger lady, I dare you to tell me more about “owning my own femininity” without sounding sexist.

It hit me the other day while on a Southwest Airlines flight on which the flight attendant females walked the aisles in golf shirts, Dickie’s work pants, and something akin to truckers’ shoes. They looked like they should be directing planes on the Tarmac; not serving sodas. What happened to the days of the tall boots and mini skirts? It was so much more… well… feminine. (Yeah, I know. It’s a dirty word to some women, but I have no problem with it. Women and men alike enjoy looking at attractive women. Tall boots? Short Skirts? Just throw in some tights, and I’ll put them on now!)

But the sight of these women was just another reminder to get on the stick with something I’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks now: a mini-image revamp. Unlike the direction that Southwest is headed, I’m going full-throttle feminine. Not boobs-in-the-face, crack-showing, “hey-do-you-want-a-piece-of-this” pseudo-femininity feminine (as a lot of the teens and twenty-somethings seem to deem sexy), but old-fashioned feminine with a sophisticated, modern edge.

WHOA THERE!  Sounds to me like Blogger Lady is equating or confusing the words “owning” with “emphasizing.”

Since when are skirts and dress blouses important to “serving sodas”?  Why is a woman who isn’t in heels and hose only suitable for “directing planes on the Tarmac”?  When one woman’s opinion is that tall boots, tights, and miniskirts are “feminine”, this woman’s opinion is that tall boots, tights, and miniskirts are an affectation designed to make ourselves more visually appealing to men while forcing us to walk like prey animals.  (There’s no surer way to make yourself seem like something to be protected rather than respected than to not be able to walk with a sure, strong stride at a quick clip on your own two feet.)

“[T]he direction that Southwest is headed” makes my heart sing.  Enlightened companies with non-sexist dress codes are the ones that receive my resume.  I don’t want to work for a company that attracts and caters to Barbie Doll women.  I don’t need to compete with the Bimbo Brigade while they ostracize me from the informal networks that create successful professional relationships.  I definitely don’t do well in environments that respect physical beauty and politics more than efficiency and quality work product.

Business Casual Attire For the record, golf shirts (and the very similar item called polo shirts) are available in female cuts/sizes, and the two pair of Dickies “work pants” that I own look like slacks when ironed.  “Business Casual”  usually includes slacks and polos.  Such attire is common today, especially in environments where employees will have to step, fetch, and perform any type of manual labor as part of their job duties (flight attendants, PC support, and inventory clerks are good examples).  People required to be on their feet for hours at a time deserve the respect and kindness of shoes that fit their feet, not feet having to fit their shoes. Activity-appropriate footwear is actually a safety and ergonomic issue.

I will spare you the rant that comes to mind because the Blogger’s only criticizing the female flight attendants.  God save us from returning to the days of inequitable professional dress codes.  We’re still fighting the equal-pay and equal-promotion battles, and retro thinking hasn’t helped.

As for the “boobs-in-the-face” and “‘hey-do-you-want-a-piece-of-this'” types of emphasized femininity, these expressions are just as valid as the Mad Men image that Mary prefers or the Rosie the Riveter image that Southwest’s female flight attendants invoked in her.  The last thing that women need from other women is judgment regarding their work clothes, especially when it’s uniformed attire (which he vast majority of flight attendants wear).  Even if it’s not a uniform, if you don’t have something useful or supportive to say, would you kindly shut your mouth?


How do you think a female flight attendant from Southwest would feel if she read this?  Are you really advocating that we should all return to impractical (and expensive!) clothes and hair, shoes that hurt our feet, and other affections that detract from our independence and equality?  Seriously, I’m okay with you saying this is how you feel about you and your style, but not with your saying that we all should do the same.

Isn’t it lovely that our culture has evolved to the point of allowing each woman to choose our her personal style?   Sure, “women and men alike enjoy looking at attractive women,” especially those emphasizing (or over-emphasizing) their femininity.  The proper time and place for that is social, though, not professional.

Riot.Jane is an obnoxious, opinionated, outspoken, pushy, and brilliant woman with a voracious appetite for all things stimulating and self-destructive (including Maker’s Mark and fine European cigarettes).  Her social commentary and reflections upon the colorful lives of herself and others can be found at The Jane Project, a community blog about the female experience.