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Her Husband Was On The DownLow

I just finished interviewing Ingrid Michelle.  She is a woman living and breathing God’s grace! She was married for 11 years when she found out that her husband was having affairs with other men!

Ingrid Michelle

Ingrid Michelle



But she has walked through the grieving and healing process to come out on the other side. Today, 3 years later, she’s a entrepreneur single mom who is providing for herself and her 6yr autistic son. You MUST hear her story!

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Baby Momma Drama

I just interviewed Tangela Price of No Baby Momma and boy does she has a story!  Tangela is determined to change the way fathers are seen. With her own childhood story of being raised by a single parent and later put into foster care, she’s now married to a wonderful man who’s baby’s momma causes problems for their family with excessive child support requests and drama.  Because of this Tangela is on a mission to change the child support laws and the way this country handles child paternity laws. This is a young woman that you must hear!

Tangela Price

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Submitting To Your Husband

Okay, so I am a Pastor’s wife and I am Follower of Christ but I am NOT the traditional church woman and despise traditional church answers.

Marriage, Money & Debt

Many of us enter marriage with tons of debt and money issues but do NOT know how to move past it. Listen to this powerful interview.