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Planning a Stress-Free Road Trip with Kids


The Houston family on the way to FL

The Houston family on the way to FL

It’s summer and time to head out on the road (unless you are a homeschooler; then you avoid the summer travelers and go during the school).

But in either case road trips are an excellent opportunity to create memories and STRESS!


3 Road Trip Essentials: Patience, Preparation and Play!


PATIENCE: This means to be flexible and realistic

If you are traveling more than 3 hours away expect at least one good traffic accident to slow you down for 30-45mins.

If you have a child under the age of 5 in the car add an additional hour onto your GPS’s ETA. And that “Add an Hour” rule applies to EVERY child that you have in the car under the age of 5.

Don’t ask me where I got these rules- just trust me as a mom of 5 who has travelled with them since the first one was an infant. He’s now 22. I’m an optimist with EXPERIENCE! So believe me when I say stick to these rules and you’ll do well in keeping yourself calm and stress free on your road trips!

PREPARATION: This means to nip the problems in the bud.

As stated I’m an optimist. So the saying, ‘Expect the best, Prepare for the worst” grates against my life’s philosophies! But it’s sooo freaking true on a road trip. Therefore, prepare prepare prepare!

One bag, One pillow, One blanket per child rule! By initiating this rule you keep down the clutter in your vehicle. If there’s a problem with the car, late at night and it entails a tow truck coming to get you and the kiddies you don’t want to have to dig through piles of stuff on the floor to get to the toddler in the back carseat! IJS, keep it neat. Besides when you stop at the gas station and the kids get out and there’s an avalanche of toys and “stuff” tumbling after them, it just ain’t pretty.

Every child for himself and mom for all: Put snacks in each child’s individual book bag. And you keep control over certain snacks and drinks with a small cooler. NOW if, like me, you are concerned because you have that one Greedy Gut Kid that will eat ALL of his snacks before you’re out of the driveway, then before the trip have the talk about consequences & self-discipline and then let the lessons begin. Of course the child has to be over the age of 8 to fully get the lesson.

Indoor Swimming pools are from the heavens! If you are going to stop at a hotel make sure it has an indoor pool. Before you leave in the morning let those little jokers swim off some of that energy!  It may be a little more expensive to stay there but it’s sooo worth it. There’s nothing like chlorine to calm down the kids.

Maps aren’t just educational tools but they shut down the, “Are We There Yet?” question! A few days before your trip print out a simple map of your destination for younger children and mark off the route with a bright crayon. For the older children get an official map and teach them how to read it. Yes GPS is part of our lives forever now but we still need to know how to read maps danggonit!

PLAY: This means to make the journey just as much fun as the destination

I want my children to remember the FUN car rides to go and have fun; not the dreaded HOURS of sitting in the car to go have fun. You would do well to map your trip out by the hour and have an activity for each hour. Already a 5 hour trips sounds more manageable.

Blow bubbles out the windows-leave the windows slightly ajar and lock them so the kids don’t get carried away. And they will get carried away.

Wrap Dollar Store toys and even old toys that they haven’t played with in a while, in Christmas wrapping paper and put them in a gift bag. When you stop for gas let everyone chose a “gift”!

Give each child 5 paperclips at the start of the trip and choose the Taboo Word of the Hour. These are words decided by the children before the trip started. If a player say sthe Taboo Word of the Hour and another hears it, they can take that players clip. They can earn clips back by listening closely and catching another player when they slip up. The word can be car, dance, OMG or my chosen  word “Mommy”!

The Alphabet Memory game keeps them laughing. Starting with the letter A, the first person says “I went to the store and bought an APPLE” (or whatever word they want to use that begins with the letter A). The next player has to repeat what was said before, adding another item on that begins with the next letter of the alphabet “I went to the store and bought an APRICOT and a BANDANA” Rotate around the car until you get to the letter Z.

Start a story and everyone in the car adds on to it. Definitely get your recording device out for this one.

Work together to spot a license plate from as many states as possible. Let someone keep score and they Family gets a special treat when all are found.

I Spy never gets old, especially with little kids. Have the person who is “it” spy something in the car, and each player takes turns guessing what they’ve spied.
Someone asks a random question (ie: Would you rather eat a worm, or squish it with your fingers?) Each person gets a chance to answer and give their reasons why if they want.This is one where you don’t even have to get involved although it’ll be so interesting it’ll be difficult to tune out.

Have a bubble gum blowing contest! This is another one where you don’t have to get involved, unless you have a bunch of competitive boys like I do! In which case, just give them gum and tell them to blow bubbles.

Play cards! Uno, Old Maids, Go Fish. If you don’t have the space in the car then save this for a rest stop visit.


Road trips can create great memories or great misery. The only way to have a stress free road trip is to plan for the one that you want most.

For even MORE tips check out my video of How to Travel with Kids video below. I recorded  while on a road trip with my children.

Feel free to add your favorite Road Trip Tip below!

license plate hunt

Mommy’s Most Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

I LOVE delicious cinnamon rolls! But I rarely buy them because I know they are high in carbs and sugar. And not to mention expensive!

So recently I’ve decided I was going to learn to make my own. I’ve tested out some receipes and my kids LOVE this one in particular. In the words of my 8yr old son, “These are mommy’s most delicious cinnamon rolls yet!”

I combined two recipes to make this one work for me and then I added my own stuff  (like eggnog instead of buttermilk) .

And the point is DON’T BE AFRAID TO PLAY AROUND with the cinnamon roll recipes because they are so delicious they are going to get eaten anyway!

The two best cinnamon roll recipes online is one but The Minimalist Baker– super easy!   And by Sallys Baking Addiction , also easy and relish!

They both have beautiful blogs and since they are photographers the pics of their cinnamon rolls are gorgeous! For my delicious cinnamon rolls pic I used my Android phone and fluorescent ceiling lights. They look less appealing but believe me they ARE delicious!

Play around with these cinnamon roll recipes and see what happens.

cinn rolls going into the oven homemade cinnamon rolls








kids eating cinnamon rolls

experiment with them. The kids will eat them up!

Our First Day of Year 18 of HomeSchooling

Our 1st day of yr 18 of homeschooling.

Our 1st day of yr 18 of homeschooling.

I have been Homeschooling since 1996. And today is our first day of school. I’m really excited for us and also scared. What If’s are running through my head. What if-things get too busy; my parents get sick; I get bored and lose the patience (that has happened); I don’t cover the thing that REALLY important for that child? After all these years I still have doubts about my abilities to do this successfully AND run a business. Why am I fretting? My first two guinea pigs are doing VERY well! And so is my business! As I sat down this morning to read, meditate and pray (in that order) these words came to me.


Trust me for the little children. For I have created them. I have wonderfully made them and made them wonderful! When I placed them in the secret place of your womb not only did I knit together their frame-from flesh to marrow-but I also wove together their destiny. Not only did I number the hairs on their heads but I also numbered their days. It is all woven into their DNA. Watch! Watch. Take their cue. They have gifts and talents that you know not of. They have abilities and special secrets stored inside of them. They have places to go and people to meet. They have a destiny and purpose. I have allowed you to bring them forth at a time like this for a particular reason. And it has nothing to do with you.   You are simply the vessel that I used to bring forth these 5 souls. So do not allow yourself to become too attached Dear Heart. You have a job to do. Your job is to teach them social etiquettes. Your job is to provide them a safe environment. Your job is to remind them of me. Your job is to see to it that they’re educated. Your job is to trust me for the little children. The rest is up to me and I have already handled my part. My plans are for their prosperity and success. I will bless you in your work! I will comfort you in your sacrifice! I will honor you for your diligence! But trust me. Trust me for the little children.

  Okay LORD, let the day begin!

We ended the day with ice cream!

We ended the day with ice cream!

Here are a couple of my previous posts on homeschooling. Socialization A video of my day   I would love to hear your thoughts on the fears that plaque you as you raise your children. Leave your comments below.

A Day with a Homeschooling Mompreneur

So many people want to know how I “do it”. How do I run a business and homeschool?

To be honest, I don’t know how. So I put together this video of my 18hr day condensed into 4min just to give you a peek of what homeschooling and entrepreneurship looks like. Believe me when I say it’s not easy-but nothing that’s valuable is. Right?

I’m sleepy, tired and half crazy but any mother with more that 2 children is.  The question is WHY? Why are you sleepy, tired and half crazy? If it’s because of too much soda, going to a job that you hate, eating the wrong foods, not taking care of yourself? Than you need to create a different life.

I’m living the life that I have created; one where I’ve chosen to serve God & mankind with my natural talents of speaking and coaching. I have chosen to bless my children with my SAH presence.  And to help as many women as I can to stay at home with their children too.

On the other side of sleepy, tired and half crazy is grateful, inspired and fulfilled.  It’s worth it.

 Have you listened to my interview with The Unplugged Mom, Laurette Lynn? We talk about How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Homeschooling.

Here is a homeschooling post entitled What about Socialization, and a video of Our Homeschooling Classroom,  and one on How to Prove To Dad That Homeschooling Works