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Be Like Water My Friend

Be like water my friend…well…more like the oyster in the water. pebble pond

When a grain of sand gets into the soft tissue of the oyster it covers it with a layer of calcium. Years later, the oyster has relieved itself of the irritant by creating this perfectly round smooth object that mankind has come to treasure and calls a pearl.

When you have a “life irritant”-a situation that’s causing you grief, pain and regret; it’s causing you to harden your heart, be like the oyster my friend. Use your energy to transform it into something that you are proud of. Oyster-pearl

For years my financial situation was an irritant for me. It was a source of contention in my marriage. My husband’s and my differing opinions on spending, credit cards and paying bills got us deep into debt and destroyed my A1 credit rating. I was livid and felt powerless.

There’s nothing worse than being LIVID with anger and feeling POWERLESS to change the events that have you emotionally livid!

Once I became honest with myself I realized that my anger was really about me giving up my power. And the feeling of powerlessness was also about me giving up my power.

Like many Christian women, I have had to find balance in the idea that the man is the head of the household and has the final say WHILE married to a man who had NO training on how to handle certain situations. But he too, like many Christian men, have had to find the balance in the idea of BEING the head, the leader and not faltering in his leadership role by admitting that he didn’t know how to do something that he was never taught to do.

So we had a mess.

And even though we were in it together, we both had to admit to our responsibility and then MAKE A DECISION to change and grow. Neither can make the other change or grow or admit to their shortcomings. Everyone is responsible for his/her own mess even if you SAY it was created by someone else.

I could say our financial woes were created by my husband and it was true…in my mind.

But my angry, sad, bitter, resentful powerless feeling heart was created BY ME!

For a period of time I stopped my public speaking gigs and stopped giving presentations because I couldn’t find joy in it and I didn’t want to be a “phony”  If you had asked me I would have said that it was because I was busy tending to the children-and it was true,,, partially.

I would have told you that I’m “too busy” to come to your location to do a Women’s Empowerment Seminar. In my mind it was very true. I wasn’t lying. Homeschooling, pregnancies, breast cancer diagnosis, moving across 5 states in 7 years with children in tow, going to court to get custody of a nephew, along with money issues were all very overwhelming, time-consuming experiences!

But also overwhelming me was the hardening of my heart and the feeling of powerlessness as I was going through this.

If you had asked me I would have told you that I was honoring my family, my children and my husband by committing all of my energy and time to their development and growth. I was willingly sacrificing my needs (emotional, financial, social & intellectual) for them. And this was VERY true. I willingly sacrificed my time and energy….because I didn’t know any other way to give to them without being the Christian female martyr, just the way the world describes.

But because mommy martyrdom is not what GOD describes, I could only do that for so long without becoming overwhelmed, resentful and angry at giving up so much of myself. My power.

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned how to do it better. I’ve taken responsibility for my role in our money relationship and I’ve learned how to balance my God-given power as a mother, wife, leader and educated woman in the most powerful industrialized nation in the world.

Like an oyster I’ve learned to cover my irritant-not with denial, half-truths and resentments-but with patience,forgiveness and grace. Heres how:

PRAYER: As you are learning to live this life you have to remember that you are LEARNING to live this life. That means ask God to order your steps. To cover your mistakes with Her Grace and to give you eyes of understanding. To send help even when you don’t know that you need help. And above all cover the children so that they aren’t ruined by your issues & ignorance. My conscious everyday prayer! So far God has proven faithful.

FORGIVENESS: Remember that everyone is doing the best that they can, with the mind that they have at that time. There are times when you want to write a person off because, “he knows how to do better. I’ve told him a thousand times, so I know he knows!” Even when you tell someone, the fact that they don’t follow through says that they are missing something within themselves. Even when the person decides not to change simply out of spite, that tells you that they are fundamentally missing something. Sometimes that something is LOVE. Which means that they “are doing the best that they can with the mind that they have at that time”.

PATIENCE:  Be patient with yourself. The statement, “everyone is doing the best that they can, with the mind that they have at that time” also applies to YOU! Be patient with Time as it chugs along to heal, change and recreate situations.  Nothing stays the same and this too will pass. Utter those words to yourself regarding your circumstances and your limited mindset.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS: Be willing to change your MIND! We are ALL products of our society and our society is built on some old traditions. Our Biblical traditions are based on a Middle Eastern culture that subjugated women (it still does so today). These traditions don’t work in our current culture and much of it doesn’t even make sense with current technology. Yet, because we are clinging onto the structure that tradition creates we aren’t being honest about the things that don’t work. For instance, we would never force you to marry your husband’s brother once you’re are a widowed but how easy it is to tell you that you have to submit to a husband who dishonors you with veneral diseases and verbal abuse because he’s the “head” of the family. In order to stay in that relationship you would have to go against everything in yourself just to stay there (and then take prescription drugs to make yourself happy).

Be open-minded and honest about what’s not working for your relationship. For me, I had to “go against” my husband and take on the role of paying the bills. He felt it was his role as a man (and not-stated is the fact that money is power). We had to have our counselor/Pastor intervene (several times) before my husband finally “submitted” and gave up his role as the bill payer. Today we are stable financially and my husband is much happier.

So am I.Oyster-pearl

Cover your irritant with prayer, forgiveness, patience and open-mindedness and let it grow to become your treasure. Be like water my friend…well… like the oyster in the water.

How to Sell Using Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Tools

Social media is many things. It’s a fantastic business building tool. It’s a great networking and learning tool. And when used correctly it can be a good selling tool. Here’s how to sell with social media.

Use social media to build a brand. Social media is an excellent brand building tool. Brands are important because they help a prospect create an identity for you. When you have a strong brand identity,  your prospects will think of you first when they have a need in your area. Building a brand with social media takes time. It takes creating a plan, a message, and a brand image.

Decide what image or brand you want to communicate and then create a plan to make it happen. This plan will likely include interacting online. In addition to posting messages on social media sites, and creating a profile that represents your brand, you will interact in a manner that is consistent with your message.

Use social media to enhance likeability. For many businesses their brand is their personality and this is easy to communicate via social media. We buy from people we like and from people we connect with. Social media is a fantastic way to express who you are and what you’re about so you can effectively communicate your personality. Be friendly, be funny, be informative, be who you are and your audience will connect with you and ultimately buy from you.

Use social media to quietly, subtly promote your products or services. You have to be careful with social media selling. People join social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact, not to shop. They do not like nor do they respond to blatant sales messages.

You can occasionally post a promotion or a new product on social media sites. The best results tend to come from promotions that are specific to your connections on that site. For example, “Facebook Friends 20% off Promotion.” However, it’s also important to test and track promotion tactics to determine what your audience responds to. Take great care when using social media to provide valuable information and interaction or you’ll turn off prospects.

Advertise. Many social media sites now offer highly targeted advertising options. Like any marketing tactic, it pays to invest wisely, test and track for optimal return on your investment. However, business owners ARE finding success using social media advertising options.

Integrate your social media interactions into your business website. Successful social media selling is about creating a community. Once you have a group of people who follow you, trust your authority and credibility, and like you, then selling via social media is easy.

The key to using social media to sell is to use it as a tool to build your relationships with your prospect. Using it as a medium to deliver a sales message generally doesn’t work. Fit the message to the medium and use social media to build awareness, traffic, liking, brand, and your community. Then selling will come naturally and the potential for profit is huge.

Janet Slack originally posted this article on her blog, Solopreneur.Biz .  Janet specializes in helping small business owners grow their businesses in any economy.  Get her free ebook, Biz Tips for Entrepreneurs and learn more than 50 ideas to help your business grow.

Thank you Janet!

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Researching Women as Your TARGET Market


Here is my favorite copywriter Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero teaching us how research and write to your target market, an essential skill.

Women, like men, are vastly different and fit in multiple categories making market research more challenging, but incredibly important.

Imagine a circle with the words “female prospect” in the middle. Now when you go to categorize your “female prospect” imagine drawing a circle with a line to each quality she has. Here is just a thumbnail of some you should be looking for:

Different segments

  • Age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s)
  • Single corporate women (with kids/without kids)
  • Married corporate women (with kids/without kids)
  • Single entrepreneurs (with kids/without kids)
  • Married entrepreneurs (with kids/without kids)
  • Single white collar workers (with kids/without kids)
  • Single blue collar workers (with kids/without kids)
  • Stay at home moms

Different lifestyles

  • Active
  • Sedentary
  • Straight
  • Gay

Education level
Religious affiliations
Aging parents/grandparents


The list is practically endless but you can see our female prospect has different needs based on different categories.

Here’s how you work the TARKET FACTOR. One of the things I figured out a long time ago is when you’re writing copy or any marketing materials, you need to be very specific about who you’re talking to. So rather than writing to a mob of people – your target market – I recommend you write to a SINGLE PERSON – your TARKET. Tarket is the term I coined as the singular of target market. It’s like your persona or character or avatar who is a representative of the majority of your ideal customers.

I created this concept and it’s a very useful device when writing copy because it’s extremely connecting and relationship-building which is what women in particular look for.

Here’s how it works. You’ll want to take notes on this.

First you do your target market research so you know where they live, where they shop, what motivates them to spend, what problem you solve.

Next, I’m asking you to take it a step further. When you’re writing your copy I want you to imagine a single person and write to that person. I want you to choose a gender, an age, a back story, even a name. I want you to be able to picture that person and write to her. For example, my tarket is Nikki Stanton, a 37 year old divorced entrepreneur with a web conferencing business. She’s Internet and business savvy. Invests most of her profit back into the business. Lives in San Diego in a gated community with her 10 year old daughter, Madison. Involved in daughter’s school and drives her to dance classes. Has a home office making approximately $117,000 per year. Jogs 3 times a week in the neighborhood. She loves to find bargains on designer clothes. And dreams of visiting Italy with her daughter someday.

This technique makes your copy very personal, like you’re talking to the reader on the other side. Copywriting is actually an interactive sport. There is the writer – you – and the reader or prospect. As soon as the prospect doesn’t feel connected or interested the relationship is over.

If you want to find out the whole story about how to deeply reach the women in your target audience, you can check out this link to the *The She Factor* by visiting and decide if you are ready to join us for the next class.

The She Factor Marketing System

The She Factor Marketing System

I love this technique taught here by Lorrie! It has really helped me. If you can’t join her class, you can get the entire The She Factor Marketing System which includes dvd’s, cd’s and the workbook for 50% off! Just  use coupon TSFMS50 at checkout for 50% off.

Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of “The She Factor®”, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. She has written award-winning home study courses, conducts a world-famous virtual copywriting training, holds live workshops, and is authoring the original book, The She Factor based on her own She Factor Marketing System. Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shift from the hype-filled sales to a more modern version…marketing written with authenticity, trust, and rapport.

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Finding Your Way

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero was a divorcee, then a single parent, then unemployed; but her determination to be with her sons made her successful.