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Networking-How To Dress Business Causal

When the dress code is “business casual” at a business networking event, it is important that your clothes align with your industry, your company brand and the event location. This can be difficult to balance for some mom entrepreneurs in certain industries.

WordPress vs. Blogger

screaming womanOkay, so WordPress isn’t as easy as Blogger. Yeah…I figured that last year when I started my blog, that’s why I went with Blogger to begin with. It’s a template, so you just type in your posts, upload your videos or photos, add on widgets by clicking a couple of buttons in settings, make it pretty with a third party application by clicking one button and you are in business!  WordPress, not so.

If you notice the huge gap in dates here it’s because I was busy familiarizing myself with WordPress. I gave up and decided to hire Jerry Levenger. He took care of my 2 week frustration in 3 days!!

Now I’m back on my own. There are still things to learn and so little time to do so….aaarragh! Between homeschooling, clients, radio show and feeding kids (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner! A huge job by itself!) I am now learning WordPress;  plugins, html, ftp, permalinks…I just wanted a neat blog connected to my website….sigh!

Everyone says WordPress is so much better than Blogger. Maybe in terms of is functionality but definitely not it’s user-ability.  So far I’m thinking; if it’s not user-friendly what do I care about it’s many functions!

Fortunately, I’m always open to learning new things.  I’ll say the jury is still out.

Niche Affilate Marketing System 2 (NAMS) with David Perdew

I went to the Niche Affilate Marketing System conference 2 weeks ago and I learned sooo much. And I met sooo many great entreprenuers. One of the many changes that’s taking place in my business is this blog post before you. I’ve put my website and my blog in one place. I was with EXCELLENT and EASY blogging platform-to come to WordPress. Everyone says this is better and will help with the things that I desire to do in the future. We shall see.