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I Hired A Coach

I recently hired the reinvention coach Marquesa Pettiway. And boy am I glad!

Marquesa Pettway, DTM, is Founder & President of MLPSpeak National Communications Group, LLC, a professional development group specializing in personal branding, reinvention based seminars, workshops and keynotes.

She came from New York to my home to spend 9 hours helping me strategize and plan out my business! Man it was good!

And expensive!

But the challenge of being an entrepreneur is being able to see into your future (successful & profitable) and invest in THAT, while you are living in your present (not as successful and not as profitable). You will have this challenge EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, no matter how much money you are making-if you are truly interested in growing and getting better.

It’s my desire to be better. A better mom, entrepreneur, coach, speaker and wife. That means that I need to consistently invest in my growth and success.

If you are considering hiring a coach but don’t think that you can afford it, ask yourself what will your future look like if you don’t hire one.

  • More frustration as you try to figure it out by yourself
  • More busy work that helps you feel like you’re going somewhere (but you know you’re not)
  • More self-doubt as you spend your wheels
  • More confusion as you struggle alone
  • More games on Facebook

Contact me for a complimentary 45 min coaching session that will help you determine how I can help you.  If you should decide that I am not the one for you, continue your search for a coach. It is absolutely necessary for your success!


After the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop

Last year I went to the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop (NAMS) in Atlanta and came home saying, “WHEW!”.  This year I came home saying “WOW!!”

If you want to learn about internet marketing this is THE workshop to attend!

#1 David Perdew, the coordinator (and wonderful guy!) only allows 200 attendees and then it’s broken down into 2 beginner levels, 1 intermediate level and 1 advance  level classes. You’re not locked in and can attend any that you chose.The small conference and the smaller groups allows for concentrated learning.

#2 The smaller classes also allows for authentic networking opportunities. I met some great peopleJeff Herring that I’ve been able to help and who have helped me over the last year. This time around I’m determined to develop those business relationships into real friendships because I’ve gotten a chance to know them even better at this workshop.

#3 The price of the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop is incredibly affordable!

#4 David chooses teachers who have agreed that they will not “sale” their stuff. There are no sales pitches, no tables at the back of the room. This means you can concentrate on learning. Your brain isn’t sifting through the presentation trying to get the meat and through out the bones. You’re not in the submissive mode of thinking “I’ll just have to buy his stuff to learn something.” This also means that the speakers get to really TEACH content and show you that they know what they’re talking about as opposed to PRESENT a wonderfully crafted sales speech about the benefits of their products. You WANT to buy their products and services!Kathleen Gage & Lady T

#5 The speakers actually hang out with you. I’ve had dinner with the effervescent Kathleen Gage, sat out on the patio laughing with Lynn Terry, chit chatted with Jeff Herring. Sexy, Bob the teacher actually sat at my laptop and helped me fix something on my website. Nicole Dean, Willie Crawford, Karon Thackston and others; they’re not unapproachable “guru’s” who are hanging on to their information unless you put money into the slot. They are people who have figured out a few tricks of the trade and enjoy teaching it to others. It makes you WANT to support them. Lynn Terry is such a giving person I’ll go out of my way to see if she has an affiliate link to a product that I want to buy just to give her some money!

#6 It’s offered twice a year. You can go in January and August. It’s not so easy for me to get away in January so the fact that it comes around 6months later is GREAT! Besides I learned soooo much the first year I needed an entire year to wrap my head around it and implement some of it. I understand business coaching but internet marketing is another ball of wax! Sometimes it leaves me feeling Dan Morris & Lady Toverwhelmed.

Thanks to David Perdew’s NAMS-Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop I FEEL GOOD!

Check it out and plan to come to the next one!