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I Hired A Coach

I recently hired the reinvention coach Marquesa Pettiway. And boy am I glad!

Marquesa Pettway, DTM, is Founder & President of MLPSpeak National Communications Group, LLC, a professional development group specializing in personal branding, reinvention based seminars, workshops and keynotes.

She came from New York to my home to spend 9 hours helping me strategize and plan out my business! Man it was good!

And expensive!

But the challenge of being an entrepreneur is being able to see into your future (successful & profitable) and invest in THAT, while you are living in your present (not as successful and not as profitable). You will have this challenge EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, no matter how much money you are making-if you are truly interested in growing and getting better.

It’s my desire to be better. A better mom, entrepreneur, coach, speaker and wife. That means that I need to consistently invest in my growth and success.

If you are considering hiring a coach but don’t think that you can afford it, ask yourself what will your future look like if you don’t hire one.

  • More frustration as you try to figure it out by yourself
  • More busy work that helps you feel like you’re going somewhere (but you know you’re not)
  • More self-doubt as you spend your wheels
  • More confusion as you struggle alone
  • More games on Facebook

Contact me for a complimentary 45 min coaching session that will help you determine how I can help you.  If you should decide that I am not the one for you, continue your search for a coach. It is absolutely necessary for your success!


Failure is Not An Option

I  just read a blogpost by Adrianne Thompson , a career-changing, middle age, wife & mother of 4 who just spent the last 4 years in law school and is now waiting for her bar results. Just reading it caused me to hyperventilate! Reading it stirred up so many of my own emotions that it brought tears to my eyes.

In my job as “The Business Coach for Moms” I help Moms live two dreams; the dream to remain the competent, relevant, intelligent, ambitious money-making powerhouse and the dream to be  the nurturing, supportive, cookie baking, soccer mom.  The two dreams seem so antithetical.

So these moms leave safety and security to come home to children and then hire me to help them to build a business from home.

99%  have no entrepreneurial experience.

70% aren’t even in touch with their real passions.

But 100% of them know that they want to be there for their children.

100% of them know that this present day sacrifice will reap major rewards-in their relationships, money-making opportunities,  self-development, lessons learned and experienced, spiritual growth, -for the future.

Moms leave a secure income to invest money and time  learning a new trade, developing new skills and navigating unfamiliar territory all with the hope of gaining a profitable, sustainable business that will give them the flexibility they need to raise their children.

And failure is not an option.

Ironically the thing that they want most-more time with the children-is the second thing they have to sacrifice. Because building a business requires a lot of attention.

Therefore, failure is not an option.

Some pursue their business in the midst of poverty or health issues.

They all have life-distractions, house-hold responsibilities and familial naysayers  that start wearing at confidence and creating added frustrations.

My emotions were stirred as I read this post because I admire women like Adrianne. Those that are willing to invest in themselves today with expectations for tomorrow. Women who recognize that their every action is being mentally recorded and soon unconsciously mimicked by the their children. So failure is not an option.

Because when a woman determines that failure is not an option, she will never fell!

When you decide that you’re going to do all that you can do and then wait for the results;  and in the midst of waiting you can maturely handle your emotional flux;  and then you determine “if the results aren’t satisfactory I’m just going to do some more because failure isn’t an option” you are on the road to success! YOUR success IS guaranteed, because every road (every result, even the unexpected and unwanted results) will take you there.

For all of the mothers who are sacrificing in the now to have a better later, keep moving forward.  Keep the motto, “failure is not an option” on your lips. Murmur it during your doubts. Cry it in your tears. Shout it during your success. Whisper it in your children’s ears.

With so many of us murmuring,  crying, shouting and whispering  the same phase we will clear the atmosphere, we’ll generate such a success force in the land that failure will no longer exist because we’ll all be able to clearly see that  all  doors open to grand success for those hard-working, determined ones!

If you’re a hard-working determined mommy, who want to work from home and need help navigating the entrepreneur waters, I would love to be your business coach. Contact me and we’ll start you on your road to success!

Separating Yourself From The Pack

What Makes You Different From All the Others?

What Makes You Different From All the Others?

I was once asked what’s the difference between ‘a business coach’ and ‘a business coach for moms’? What makes you different? What separates you from the ‘so many others’ in the your field?”

Glad you asked!

1. I realize that many Mompreneurs have to be handled with cotton gloves. As much as we love business, feel “called” to the business or need to make money with the business, if it occupies too much time away from the children or too much money from the family budget we start backpedaling with Mommy-Guilt. So I encourage, guide, push and motivate as if I’m coxing a powerful and beautiful lioness out of her cage and into the jungle. She can handle the jungle, but often times she doesn’t know it yet. I don’t want her to turn back to the safety and confines of the cage.

2. I email my Mommy clients an outline of our discussions, including the list of goals with the agreed upon dates of completion. This is to help the lioness stay focused. There are many distractions calling her; the cubs back in the cage and many other business ideas in the jungle. My follow-up email is printed and she hang it in her home office to be her visual anchor.

3. I also set my coaching hours to accommodate Mommy business hours. Most Mompreneurs can’t get to the phone during the 9-5 hours. The zoo is too busy. We come out of our cage to explore the JungleBusiness after hours. I talk with many of my clients either early in the a.m. or very late at night. This works well for me too because I also live in a zoo.

I talk with my personal business coach at 3pm twice a month. She is wonderful but not a mom-God bless her childless soul-so I drive down the street and sit in a church parking lot just to have a focused, uninterrupted conversation. How many coaches will schedule 11:00pm as your weekly appointment? Only another professional Mompreneur.

4. I request/demand that my clients come to the meeting as a Business Woman not a Business Mommy. In other words she cannot talk to me while fixing lunch, or doing laundry. The only thing that I will tolerate is breastfeeding her infant. This is to remind her to honor her business. Most mompreneurs are not always able to give her business full attention and many aren’t taken seriously. During our sessions she has someone on the phone who honors her business and honors her as a business woman. This gives her the permission to do the same. In order to hunt successfully in the jungle she has to see herself as the true lioness that she is; this lioness is proud to hold up the mirror.

For the sake of time I won’t go into all of my other “greatness”. If you’re interested in being coached/mentored by a professional who loves building and supporting moms in their home base business, contact me.

What makes you great? What separates you from the “so many others” in your field?

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Free, No Strings, Coaching Session

Some people won’t respond to a FREE offer like this because they expect “The Catch”. I have no “Catch”. I trained to be a coach because i thoroughly I enjoy it and truly want to help you succeed in your home business! Contact me today for your free 30 minute, no strings,coaching session.