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Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Where attention goes energy flows.


I just hung up the phone after talking with my mastermind group of 4 very busy, go getting mompreneurs. One thing we all struggle with, whether we have one child or eight, is the lack of undivided attention that we give to our businesses.

As busy moms we sometimes find ourselves going back and forth between family and business several times a day. When you diversify your energy you don’t ceate enough momentum to really generate fast manifestations of your desires. This leads to frustration because even though you are busy you still are not seeing the results fast enough to keep you motivated.

If you are ready to see some results you must put your ATTENTION on the thing you want to manifest. Attention is focused energy. When you focus your:

  • mental (think on it)
  • spiritual (pray on it)
  • emotional (get excited about it)
  • physical (take committed action on it)

then your desire will manifest much faster.

When you call other people’s attention to it (a strategic marketing strategy)….ahhh, now you’re cooking.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Focus your attention for 30 days;

  1. Decide what you want to manifest within the next 4-6 months.
  2. Set aside dedicated, concentrated time.
  3. Start that time out with prayer, a meditation and a visualiztion. But don’t spend more than 10 min doing this. Sometimes we use this as a procrastination technique. And anyway your time is limited you can’t use up half of your work time sitting still.
  4. Write down what you want to create  in one sentence.
  5. Now do the work. If you only have one hour alotted to this then spend the next 45 minutes in action. Make the calls, write out the plans, create the product, build the website, DO THE WORK.
  6. Spend the last 5 minutes of your time writing out what you need to do next. Sometimes when i sit down to “do the work” I forget what was last thing I did and what’s the most important thing to do next and then I get distracted by something else, and busy myself with petty work. When my work time is over, I’m frustrated with myself and I haven’t moved forward. Lost momentum.
  7. Do it again. Everyday. For a month.
  8. Email me and tell me what happened.

I’m committed to do this myself for the next 30 days. Who’s with me?

Pause, Slow Down, Stop

Right now I’m experiencing the confusion of Confusion; questioning myself and wondering have I really heard from God or am I just moving on my own recognizance.

You Can Minister Without a Title

Many people in the Church are stuck on having a title and being validated by man’s system, so much so, that it leaves them ineffective. Their spiritual gifts lie dormant until they are IN  (in the pulpit, in a church setting, in church clothes, in somebody’s eyeballs).

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go through The System or dishonor the authority that’s in place. I’m saying that we should live our gifts and do what we’ve been called to do WHEREVER we are!

Open your eyes to the BIGGER world.

Single Mom, MOM or MOPS-Tips on How to Accomplish Goals

Whether you are a single mom, MOMS or a MOPS it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about your future career when you have multiple children and can’t even get to the shower.
Here are some tips on how to move forward with your dreams even while baby is sitting on your hip!