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Tips for Wearing Make-Up

make-up lesson for mompreneursProctor and Gamble just released a study suggesting that women who wear make-up look more “competent, trustworthy and likeable”. This is a challenge for stay at home moms who have become accustomed to going out bare-faced, in sweats and a ponytail! However, once you pronounce yourself an entrepreneur some changes must be made.

I have never worn make-up but have found that as I get older I do look a little better when I apply foundation and eyeshadow.  Hopefully that’s enough to help me be perceived as “competent, trustworthy and likeable”.  LOL!

Even though the study is funded by the company that manufactures and sells Cover Girl, they did acknowledge that too much make-up can make you come across as someone who is trying to hide something or “shield” yourself. We all know women who are so insecure that they try to cover up flaws with the right clothes and too much make-up.



And then there are those that don’t know how to apply make-up and just need to be trained. My sister is one of those; completely confident…so confident about who she is it doesn’t matter if you don’t like her BLUE eyeshadow and dark lipstick! She’s going to wear it anyway!




So mompreneurs, educate yourself on how to apply make-up, walk in your confidence and don’t use the make-up to hide behind your lack of confidence…people can see it any way!

What do you think about women who wear too much…or too little make-up?

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