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Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

OMGoodness, have you noticed that some of the most frustrated, disorganized people are the ones with the most time management books on their shelves?! And as momprenuers we really struggle with time management because so many things have to be done AT THE SAME TIME!

I remember one day I needed to make an important phone call but the baby’s diaper needed to be changed, the toddler had just made a mess that required 15mins of clean-up time, the UPS guy was at the door and I REALLY HAD TO PEE.

I remember always being in waiting mode: wanting to work but waiting for the toddler to go to sleep, waiting for the kids to finish eating, waiting for the older kids to finish cleaning the kitchen so that I could inspect it, waiting for the toddler to wake up-because as soon as I got started working, the kid would UNDOUBTLY wake up and want to be held and fed and changed!


I’ve found time management tips that addressed  the working mom and the SAHM but not much that helps the mom entrepreneur . So this January series will do just that: help YOU as a mompreneur better manage yourself and your frustrations so that you can be a highly effective entrepreneur! So let’s get started with these great time-management tips for mom entrepreneurs.

Get a day planner and use it faithfully. If it’s your google calendar, a day planner or an electronic gadget make sure you STICK with it!  Keep all appointments and reminders in just one place. No more sticky notes with reminders and scribbled notes scattered around your desk, purse or stuck on the refrigerator.

Create a flexible “to do” list; the night before. As a mompreneur you have to allow yourself flexibility. Before children and before running a business you could order your To-Do list according to the hour:

  • 8am devotion
  • 1pm take dog to vet
  • 3:15 dry cleaners
  • 5:55 eat dinner
  • 10pm bed

However, now you have to give yourself the freedom and flexibility to work out your schedule around the mishaps and time-consuming mistakes. Prioritize your day by coding the items as: Urgent, Need to Do Today, Can Do This Week.  If you have children under the age of 4 count your blessings when you accomplish ANYTHING.


Read your To-Do list first thing in the morning. Don’t touch a newspaper, open email or answer the phone until you see the road map for your day. During a certain period in my life I even read my To-Do list before I read my Bible. Everything was so hectic that I had to get a vision on my day and then ask God to order my steps.

No guilt as you end the day. At the end of the day, transfer the items remaining to the next day’s list. NO GUILT and no pressure is allowed. Re-evaluate the items to determine what can be removed. If you have children under the age of 4 count your blessings when you accomplish ANYTHING.

Leave the house when you need to focus on a task that must be completetd.  I determined to start this time management series for mompreneurs earlier this week.  However, here I am a the end of the week and have not put out 1 blog post. I fed the children and waited until my husband came home so that I could come to this local Barnes & Noble to type this. It was 9pm before I left the house. Yet if I stayed home I would have been tempted to eat, sleep, call my sister or zone out in front of one of my husband’s favorite tv shows.

Learn to Say “no” .  Here is an excellent blog post that has some very effective phrases on how to say no.  Your ability to say no to outside distractions-no matter how noble they may be-will propel you closer to your success. Read it. Learn it. Do it.

Momprenuer it’s easy to stay on track once you commit to changing your daily habits. Just pick TWO of the above tips and put them into action and you should see more free time throughout your day.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

  • Spielautomat
    February 8, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    excellente! thank you lady T! Always great motivation.


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