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This Winter Solstice Season

There are some lessons to learn from the winter season that you can apply to your business. We don’t pay attention to nature and therefore struggle. Many mom entrepreneurs ask me about finding balance to run a business while raising children. This is something we all struggle with including myself; even though I know there is no such thing as “perfect balance” in regard to raising children AND there’s definitely no perfect balance when running a business!

However, there are things like rhythm & seasons!

It would be more prudent for moms to understand rhythms & seasons, more than balance.

And RHYTHM isn’t something we think about beyond our menstrual cycles. And to be honest most women don’t even think about it then because our internal rhythmic cycle is chemically induced by pills of some sort. Yet nature shows us rhythm and seasons all day, every day, night and day, season after season.

Who dare’s to throw off my rhythm?

You can clearly see it in the newly-born humans-before we curtail their natural rhythm and make it line up with our CRAZY schedules. Baby sleeps at a certain time, he nurses every 90 minutes, he’s awake at certain times of the day, etc. As he grows-as his season changes-the rhythm will then change. Newly-born humans have a clear, rhythmic pattern. And psychologist will tell you that you must allow and even create rhythmic patterns for children for the first 10-12 yrs of their life in order for them to feel safe and stable and grow into emotionally stable adults.

YOU, dearly Beloved, also need a clear, rhythmic pattern! And I mean something bigger than getting up, going to work, eating and sleeping! What about flowing with the seasons; responding to nature?

December 21 is the Winter Solstice. What does the Winter season teach us and how can you, as a mom entrepreneur seeking balance, apply this to your business?

The Winter season is about withdrawal NOW for new birth LATER.This is a mystery for busy mompreneurs who are running with the bulls every day, all day long.

Here are some things that you can do to align with the natural rhythms of this Winter Solstice season.

  1. Face Your Own Darkness through introspection.
  • What did you learn
  • What did you do
  • Where did you fall short
  • How much did you really make
  • How much did you overspend

It’s only by being honest and looking at your darkness that you can come forth with more light.

  1. Go underground for your protection. The seeds do it, right? Now I don’t literally mean, dig a hole and go in it. But instead use this winter season to go into your emotions that you can let go of resentments. Some examples:
  • pull away from social media for the next 6 days.
  • every morning for the next 6 days retreat with any journal to capture thoughts
  • spend time in meditation and introspection
  • release others and yourself from perceived wrongs
  1. Celebrate the light within YOU–  Lots of celebrations take place around the world after the Winter Solstice season: Hanukkah, Hebrews festival of lights, Christmas, Kwanzaa. These ancient celebrations all celebrated and beckoned the light in the darkness. Ever wonder why we use Christmas lights and candles? Use this time to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Reflect on:
  • what did I do that I enjoyed
  • what were my accomplishments
  • who did I bring light to this year
  • how can I shine brighter next year

Taking some time out to flow with the Winter Solstice season will help you to become more balanced. We run with the bulls every day, the entire year. Why not pause and acknowledge change of seasons in your life. Nature has shown us how to do it. And there’s no better time then this Dec. 21, 2017. Chose the  Winter Solstice to slow down before you start running again.







To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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