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Dec 30             Write it Down & Go Get It               Greenville, SC 


Jan 2                Setting H.E.A.R.T Goals                 Greenville, SC

Jan 28-29         Management  Skills                        Brooklyn, NY                    

Jan 11-15       Communicate w/Confidence             Minnesota

Jan 17-19       Communication Skills for Women     Salt Lake City IA

Jan 30           Communication Skills for Women       Washington DC

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Feb 5              Going After Those Goals           Grnvlle, SC


MARCH 2017                                                                                

Mar 3             Getting Along w/Those People         Arlington, TX

Mar 3              Getting Along w/Weird People          Tulsa, OK                        

Mar 3              Getting Along w/Weird People          Oklahoma City, OK

Mar 18            THE Women’s Conference                 Grand Rapids, MI

Mar 19            THE Women’s Conference                 Kalamazoo, MI


APRIL 2017

Apr 7                Emotional Intelligence                     Atlanta, GA 

Apr 8                THE Women’s Conference              Fairfax VA

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Apr 9                 THE Women’s Conference               Fredrick MD                

Apr 10               THE Women’s Conference                Towson, MD

Apr 13               Communicate w/Confidence             Atlanta GA

Apr 14              Communicate w/Confidence              Tallahasee FL

Apr 15              Communicate w/Confidence              Daytona Beach FL


JUNE 2017

June 26             THE Women’s Conference               Fargo, ND

June 27             THE Women’s Conference               Bloomington, MN

June 28              THE Women’s Conference              Eau Claire, WI

July 2017

July 17           How to Communicate Your Worth       Flagstaff, AZ

July 18          How to Communicate Your Worth        Phoenix, AZ

July 19          How to Communicate Your Worth        Tucson, AZ

July 21          How to Communicate Your Worth        El Paso, TX

July 24          Communication Skills for Women         Wichita, KS

July 25           Communication Skills for Women        Topeka, KS

July 26           Communication Skills for Women       Overland Park, KS

July 28-30      Star Marketing                                     Charlotte, NC


Lady T speaking in SC

Spiritual Principles for Success-SC


August 28-29     A Seminar for Powerful Women  Baltimore, Maryland

August 29-31      A Seminar for Powerful Women Washington, DC



August 4          Building Your Professional Image            Austin TX

August 5        Professional Image Building for Women            Houston, TX

August 9         Professional Communication Skills for Women  Memphis, TN

August 10       Professional Communication Habits             Nashville, TN

August 11       Professional Image Building for Women       Chattanooga, TN

August 12       Confidence Building in Women                     Johnson City, TN



Sept 12-15    Confidence Building and Professional Skills for Women         Florida                                        Fort Myers, Melbourne, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville

Sept 19-22     Confidence Building and Professional Skills for Women       Nebraska                                  Omaha, Fort Dodge, Mason City

Sept 26-29   Communicating Your Power with Confidence for Women      Colorado                            Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Salt Lake City Utah


Oct 14    Conscious Living for a Happy Family         Asheville, NC

Oct 16    Communication Skills for Women              Tallahassee FL

Oct 17    Communication Skills for Women               Atlanta, GA

Oct 18     Communicating with Confidence               Gainesville, GA

Oct 28      No More Excuses                                    Greenville, SC


Nov 6-8   Professional Image & Communication Skills   Alabama                                                  Birmingham, Oxford, Columbus GA

Nov 27 -28  Professional Image & Communications Skills   Vermont South Burlington & Montpelier

Nov 29        Communicating Your Professional Style          Portland ME

Nov 30         Communicating Your Professional Style         Woburn MA


Dec 1           Communicating Your Professional Style         Worcester MA

Dec 4           Communication Skills for Women                   Annapolis MA

Dec 5           Communication Skills for Women                  Columbia MA

Dec 6           Communication Skills for Women                   Washington, DC

Dec 7           Communication Skills for Women                 Roanoke, VA