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The Power of The Menstruation Cycle

What a phenomenal interview!  I learned a lot and now have to run out and buy a Jade Egg and 2 new books!

On my radio show For Powerful Women Only, I interviewed Makeda Violetta; we discussed the mental, and spiritual power of women and in particular the menstruation cycle.  She gave tips on how you should nurture yourself. Why you should pay attention to your dreams during your period; the physiological affects of your negative perceptions surrounding your monthly cycle and so much more. You  have to listen!

Makeda is a professional dancer, and fitness trainer residing in NYC and she is also a researcher of the Great Goddesses, Goddess Spirituality and the Mystery of Matriarchal Civilizations.

Her degree in Exercise and Sports Science and Nutrition and has completed two years of graduate work in the Applied Physiology and Nutrition at Columbia University.  She is now focused on developing her company Art + Science, LLC., a small holistic fitness, nutrition and sexuality education company.


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