The Free Stuff

My mission is to “affect the next generation by empowering their moms in their entrepreneurial pursuits with affordable business coaching, motivational workshops and powerful information products!”  My desire for you is the same that I have for myself: plenty of money so that your attention can stay focused on the creating success in the raising of your children, peace in your home, prosperity in your purpose, and full knowledge of your Creator!

I pray these free resources will contribute to your success and greatness!

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Our Deepest Fear

Walk in your power my SisterMom! Doing so blesses others. download

The Dash

How well are you living your life? download


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Are you torn between two business ideas? Let’s get you unstuck and get you moving!

For a limited number of hours a week I use my time to help mom’s like you decide what business idea is the better one. A free 20minute session will help you get clear, determine what will work for your family and start you on your way! For 20min I’ll walk you through a series of questions that will allow you to intuitively make the right choice!You will hang up the phone feeling relieved, heard, focused, and assured of your decision.

And with my FREE ebook How To Get Your Business Up and Running in 30 Days  you will truly be on your way to making money from home while raising your children!

To apply for a Moving Forward Strategy Session simply email me with the subject line “I need to move forward!” and briefly describe 2 business ideas that you are toying with. I will reply to you with a couple of dates and times that you can chose from.

And you are not under any other obligations.

There is NO OBLIGATION TO ME in any way!This is my way of fulfilling my mission:changing the next generation by empowering the moms; because an empowered mom affects generations!