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Thanksgiving In The Heart

Gratitude should be everyday!

Gratitude should be everyday!

Now that the mad dashes to the grocery store are over and the turkey and dressing  are stored away in the fridge and the hyper-activity has somewhat settled down, let’s all take time to breath…say Kumbya and Thank You…..ahhhhh! I didn’t get a chance to do that on Thanksgiving Day.

I live everyday with a mind set of gratitude. Every morning when I wake, throughout the day and every night that I lay down I close my eyes and say” Thank You” to God (not the universe) for the many blessings that I have. I recognize that just the ability to lay in a king size bed, with a white cozy comforter and my baby girl (husband soon to join) is an amazing privilege that many people around the world don’t experience.  We are all healthy. There are no gunshots or bombs going off in the streets. Our bellies are full. We have clean, hot water.  My  children use their imaginations and sing songs at their leisure. My walls are painted in lovely colors of my choosing. My business is growing. I’m able to be at home with my children.  And I’m not on any prescription medication!!!

I am so very grateful every morning,  and every night.

Ironically, on Thanksgiving Day I don’t wake with thoughts of gratitude. Yesterday I woke with the thought of what I forgot to get at the store.  Then I got up and quickly headed out. Last night as I went to bed (well, it was 5:00am so technically it was this morning that I went to bed) I was so exhausted after sitting up and talking with my husband, that I collapsed and was asleep in less than 20 seconds.

The scripture tells us that we ought to give thanks for EVERYTHING. “In all things give thanks”, means that it should be a constant way of thinking. It should be a natural expression of the heart. It is the way you live. It means that you don’t have time to complain because you know that your “situation” can be turned around. You don’t whine and gripe because you know that your “situation” will eventually work itself out to be good.

Gratitude, a heart of thanksgiving, thanksgiving day should be everyday! It should be a conscious, spiritual practice.

Not the thing to do because friends are coming and a big turkey is sitting on the table…because it usually doesn’t happen then. Not for me anyway.

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