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Pinterest-Another Time Waster

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In this series on time management I want to address the newest social media addiction: Pinterest. What is Pinterest you ask? I asked the same thing! I have been hearing people talk about Pinterest, I’ve seen requests for invitations on Facebook, I’ve received invitations from friends for me to join them on Pinterest; but I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone and ignored it all.

However, my cousin and I took our husbands and children to the beach last week and I notice her conversation was often peppered with the phrase “Pinterest”. She is a very conservative, level-headed, busy  mother of 4 who is a respected RN. To  hear her continually speak about this website with the same loving tones that she uses when speaking about her children was very disturbing. I asked her, “what’s up with that?!”

She confessed to me that she stays up late hours of the night “pinning things” on her boards. She cuddles in the bed with her phone because of her Pinterest app! She talked about the nurses gathering at the nurses station eyeballing each others phones oooing and ahhhing over each other’s boards while code blues and DOAs pile up in the back rooms. (Italics added by my imagination.)

I said that I would check it out but she said, in whispered tones, “No, you have to be invited.”

OooLa La! What a great marketing technique! It really stirs the pot of desire –if I were a sucker!

So I told her to send me an invitation. And this woman who goes to sleep with Pinterest and hides out in the broom closet at work making out with Pinterest, who holds Pinterest in her hand more than she holds her husband’s….ahem, THIS WOMAN said she DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SEND AN INVITATION!

But realizing this gave her a great excuse to disappear into a dark room to “discover” how.

She re-appeared 35 min later with a goofy, satisfied grin still no wiser but 200 more repins! WTFreak?

For me, THAT stirred the pot of desire more then anything! What the heck is this that has my ultra-conservative cousin so…addicted?! What kinda virtual crack was she doing?!

I texted a friend to send me an invitation. She did with this message: “Beware it’s very addictive. You have been warned.” WTFreak?

So what is Pinterest? It’s a place to bookmark pictures that you see on the net. It’s that simple. Yes it’s prettier than bookmarking on your computer. And yes it’s more social because you can see what others have bookmarked pinned. But it’s really just another social bookmarking network.

I have to say it’s not very friendly either. No wonder my cousin didn’t know how to send an invitation. When I accepted my friend’s invitation, her boards didn’t show up but 20 other “people to follow” did.  Who are these people and how do they get to be on the front page of my invitation. I stumbled around for a few minutes and guessed that I needed to click on someone if I wanted to get in. So I did.

None of their stuff interested me, but I clicked around anyway wasting a good 45-50 min. It was several days later before I went back.

When I went back to my Pinterest account I was glad to see that they kept me signed in. Later I noticed that on the left hand side was a listing of my previous actions on Pinterest and saw my girlfriends name. So I WAS following her. I clicked on her stuff and recognized a couple of mutual friends. I clicked on their stuff. Which exposed me to more things to click on and look at. Which opened the door for me to see other’s people’s boards and their stuff. I created some boards, liked some things and commented on others.

BIG WHOOP! This time I was smart enough to go to Pinterest while listening to a teleseminar. By multi-tasking I justified the 60min on the site.

Maybe I’ll find some time to play around with  Pinterest a bit more.  At this point they are receiving 11 million visits a week, there has to be a way to utilize that traffic. Once I figure it out I’ll rewrite a blog post. But as of now I would not recommend it to women who are really serious about growing their businesses. Unless your product is visually attractive (like you are a Foodie, Photographer, Fashion Designer or Artist of some type) it’s a complete waste of your time.

Why? The purpose of social media is to interact with a community of people and to provide your expertise  that will help their life in some way or another. They will in turn get to know, like and trust you. This doubles your chance of converting them into customers or joint venture partners. If the social media platform doesn’t allow you to do that then you are wasting your time

And come on momprenuers, not only are we marketing our businesses  but we are also overseeing the children; our  all-seeing eyes monitor kids computer screens, text messages, email accounts and Facebook pages; do we really have time to sit clicking through other people’s photos liking and repinning?

If you want me to send you an invitation so that you can check it out yourself go here to and leave your email address. But beware, it’s a time waster. You have been warned.

Let me know if you’ve found Pinterest to be beneficial to you and your business relationships. Is it a time vacuum for you too? How have you used it for business?

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Practicing What You Preach

While checking out YouTube I ran across this video from Bob The Teacher, who makes an interesting point and gives a little history lesson as well.

The thing that we should consider as we run our home businesses and households is this: Are we practicing what we preach?

I was challenged with this yesterday as I did a teleseminar and gave the time management tip of “prepare your weekly meal and shopping list at the same time and let it center around one item”.  As an example: buy ground beef and serve spaghetti, chili and tacos for the week.

To be fair, this is something I practiced for about 8 weeks in our life; but I felt hypocritical when I taught it because it’s a great idea and a time management practice that I should be utilizing right now. However, at this stage in our lives my husband does the shopping and usually just runs out and buys something for a few days without consulting me.  Yes it’s financially ludicrous, however it’s 3 less responsibilities for me (trying to figure out what to eat, writing up the list, and shopping) so I’ve let it slide for several months now.

Wow! As I typed this out I realized that I am practicing what I preach. I also preach about going with the flow during whatever season your family is in.  This is where my family is right now, in terms of time management and it works.  Maybe in a couple of months the family, kids and household will be in a different season and I’ll utilize the “prepare menu” time management tip.

I’ll post Bob The Teacher’s video anyway…because he’s cute.

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