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The Source of Wealth Radio

Here is an interview that I did on how to turn your idea into a business with Gwendolyn Green of Source of Wealth Club. She teaches people how to build wealth blogtalk radiothrough real estate. However on her Blogtalk Show she talks to people who offer powerful information on how to build wealth in different ways.

I, of course, talked about building a legacy by staying home with your children and turning your idea into a business; a business that is centered around your purpose and passion.

It was a fun interview with Gwen “dropping a beat” every time she thought I said something profound, LOL!  I discussed in particular:


  • How to set realistic goals as a mother
  • What steps you need to take when you have a business idea
  • Why, as a mother, you need to be awake, alive and alert in the raising of your children
  • How to take responsibility for the direction of your life

It’s a long interview and she doesn’t introduce me until 8min into the broadcast but it is INSPIRING and INFORMATIVE! And if you want to learn how to turn your idea into a business it’s worth listening to. Copy and paste this link:


or click the link

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How To Build Your Wealth Before You Start Your Business

Today I spoke with author, Gwen Green of Source of Wealth Club, she found herself in a bad situation:  a single parent with 2 small children and poor child-care opportunities. She had to figure out how to make money fast! God spoke to her and showed her the way! Now she helps others get out of debt by using real estate.

Our conversation centered around how to help you build your wealth before you start your business. It’s a challenge because while still working your job you must use your money to:


  • continue living
  • pay off debts
  • invest in your business
  • save for the future

We talked about all of that and more! One of her suggestions was Progressive Self-Investment. Simple and Powerful!

Click in and listen it’s only 29min

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Common Bio Blunders

I just interviewed Nancy Jutten of Bye Bye Boring Bios and it was awesome! She’s a mom of a 14yo son who started out at home and then went to work and then started her own business. Sounds familiar?

Her business took off but just before it crashed (due to the economy) she repositioned herself and it has been bigger than she ever imagined!

We talked about all of that plus!

We didn’t cover too much on how to create your attractive bio because the other side of her story was so inspiring that I didn’t want to change the topic….we even went over time! LOL!

You can listen to this exciting interview by clicking the link

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Building Your Social Media Relationships

christine gallagher inteviews with Lady TToday I spoke with Christine Gallagher is founder of ShesGotClients.com, a company dedicated to teaching women entrepreneurs all over the world how to use authentic relationship marketing and online strategies to attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income and freedom in their business, all while sharing their gifts and their message in a much bigger way.

We had a great conversation and she took the overwhelming topic of social media, blogging and marketing and summarized it with ease.  You’ll learn alot. Enjoy!

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