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I Quit My Job Series

On my Blog Talk Radio Show, I am The Boss of Me, I’ve started an inspiring series! I’m talking to everyday people who have quit their jobs to start their own businesses. What great stories from men and women from around the country who are living their lives the way that they see it.

These are not rich, internet gurus who are trying to sell you something, these are people who had (and still have) the same fears that you have and yet they have pushed past them.

Today I spoke with Karen Donaldson. She quit her job a little over a year ago to start her speaking and training company. Click over and listen to how she did it and her challenges!




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I Quit My Job- It’s Your Call

   Today I interview Ceri Ruenheck who quit her job 17 years ago and started It’s Your Call.  She provides business-to-business telemarketing services to small businesses. Basically she is the cold-calling expert that helps you can convert leads into sales!

In this interview she talks about the challenges that she went through in building her business, from blowing through her savings to needing to get a PT job even after having success in her business for years.

But you have to hear it for yourself to receive the inspiration to quit YOUR job and start your business.


Click the link to listen ==>http://www.blogtalkradio.com/imtheboss/2012/01/18/i-quit-my-job-its-your-call <==

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Finding Your Calling

This morning I spoke with an unplugged mom! Laurette Lynn, is a mompreneur and mother of 3. She serves as an inspiration to women who want to work from home, home school their children and live a balanced life! And that’s what we spoke about on my blogtalk show, For Powerful Women Only.

As a homeschooling mom myself, I always enjoy getting a peek into a mompreneur’s homeschooling day.

She shared her journey of finding the thing that she loves to do and turning it into a business that fits into her lifestyle and serves her family, podcasting, speaking and blogging.

To listen in just click the link!  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/forpowerfulwomenonly/2011/11/09/finding-your-calling

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Reinvent Yourself as You Prepare to Start Your Business

Today I spoke with Marquesa Pettway and we talked about reinvention! When it comes to quitting your job to create the life that you want you have to walk in courage and move forward regardless of the fear.

Marquesa confirmed that as she shared her story of being down sized and having to go through 7steps to reinvent herself from a corporate cog to a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, business coach and founder of The Reinvention Group.

The 7 steps for reinventing yourself is listed in her book but you can hear them explained if you click on the link.

  •  regroup
  • reflect
  • redefine
  • refocus
  • re-energize
  • recommit
  • reinvent

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