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Selling Your Services and Products

Selling your stuff!This is part 3 on the selling your services and products series. If you’ve missed it click here for part 1 and click here for part 2. Also, down the page and just to the right you can enter your email address to have my lastest blog posts sent directly to your email!

When it comes to selling your services or products remember that people make decisions about what they want or need long before they make a purchase. They may not have publicly announced it and some people are so out of tune with their own inner voice that they haven’t even announced it to themselves. But they’ve made a definite decision about what they want.

They (you) then go about the days,weeks, months, unconsciously gathering data, justification and support for their (your) decision. We all do this. It’s part of our human make-up.

What does that have to do with you selling your services and products?

You want to make sure that your first impression is the best it can be. That includes your website, your business card and other marketing materials, your speeches and (as previously discussed) yourself.

Follow up on all calls. You know how frustrating it is when you’re ready to buy and the person doesn’t return your call.

Be personable. Make a human connection with your potential client. To many “professionals” get caught in their role and group people in mental boxes of “potential client” or not.


When we needed a piano tuner to come to our house my son’s piano teacher highly recommended this one guy-GuyA-who was fairly inexpensive. I called, left a message and waited for him to return the call.

While waiting for his call I called another guy-GuyB-who answered but said he wouldn’t be able to make it out to us for another 3 weeks. He was also very expensive.

Finally,  GuyA called back- 4 days later! He wasn’t to friendly -he was driving around lost, therefore distracted. Then he asked me to call back and leave all of the information that we had just discussed on his voice mail! I did. We were desperate for a tuner.

A few days later GuyB called back and said he would be able to come in 4 weeks. I explained to the confused GuyB that he had already talked with me and we were scheduled for a visit in 3 weeks. He apologized and made a few self-depreciating jokes and talked briefly about his business. He was funny. He separated himself from his business and talked as a human as opposed to a “busy, serious, professional”.  A small connection was made.

2 days later, GuyA called back and said he could come out immediately. I told him never mind.

Both guys made a professional mistake which didn’t do much for first impressions. But I chose to wait 3 weeks and go with the guy that was much more expensive because he was personable.

There are people looking for your products or services, they’ve already decided and justified the need. Once you come into their presence-professionally, personable and with great follow-up- all you have to do is push them into your pocket!

What are your thoughts?