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Trade Show Planning for Mompreneurs

Today Charles Dugan is my guest blogger with some information that will expand your thinking about marketing your home-based business. Thanks Charles!


Many – if not most – successful business women are also moms; some are even WAHMs (work at home moms). That doesn’t mean they can’t also have successful careers in the corporate world. If their career path takes them into marketing and sales, they will at some point attend or possibly exhibit at trade shows – the key B2B marketing tool. Trade shows offer the opportunity for one-on-one networking and sales, with face-to-face discussion that phones and virtual networking can supplement, but not totally replace.


If you have been given the responsibility of marketing your organization’s products and/or services at a trade show, and you’re a novice at the task, it may not take long before you feel overwhelmed by the prospect. Where should you go? What kind of events should you attend?


There are several basic types of trade shows:

1) The smallest and least expensive show, often called a table top expo, is typically very local in nature. Often sponsored by a community organization or chamber of commerce, it is normally possible to exhibit at a table top expo for a few hundred dollars. You won’t get a targeted audience for your organization at these expos, but you will gain additional local exposure with the members of the chamber or the association sponsoring the event. These smaller expos are sometimes also organized around educational seminars or roundtable discussions. If the discussion topic fits your organization and you can become part of the seminar or discussion, you may see increased interest in your organization as a result of your participation.


2) The next step up from the table top expo is the regional trade show. These shows are budget-conscious, smaller versions of national trade shows. Regional shows are often part a nationwide trade show tour. Although regional trade shows offer seminars, very few offer networking events. If seminars are important to your organization, regional trade shows may be right for you. But, if you’re looking for networking opportunities, regional trade shows are probably not a good fit. You will find that the attendee net stretches farther out than it does for a table top expo, but most attendees at a regional trade show will be coming from within driving distance of the event.


3) If you are looking for a multitude of activities and high-level, business-to-business opportunities, then your company is probably in the market for a national trade show. Organizations from across the country travel to these events to participate and exhibit their products and services. At national trade shows you will find many educational seminars and networking events, presentations of industry awards, and keynote speeches given by business leaders, celebrities and comedians. These shows can be very large, with hundreds or more exhibitors, and thousands of attendees.


4) For businesses looking to expand outside the U.S., international trade shows may be a viable marketing option. Attending an international trade show is more about building relationships with other businesses or organizations than it is about individual sales. If you are looking for help with regional distribution or marketing in another country, then attending (not exhibiting!) an international trade show is a good first step.


As you can see, there are a variety of different types of trade shows out there. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface as to what makes each different from the other, but hopefully this article helps to provide a starting point for your research. The first step is to clearly identify your needs, and which level of trade show best satisfies the requirements. Next step is to identify the right shows for your market, make a plan for exhibiting at the show of your choice, etc – all good subjects for future articles.


Charles and his wife Terri own and operate American Image Displays, a 25 yr old trade show display firm located in Redmond, WA. Their bookkeeper is their daughter Megan – a working mom with a 9 month old baby boy. The business focuses on providing fast and friendly service, helping clients to filter through the thousands of display choices to find the best solution for their specific requirement. Their blog mixes trade show planning and B2B marketing tips with new product reviews; you can visit it here – American-Image.com/banners

My Feng Shui Home Office COMPLETED!!

AWWWW! A sigh of relief! I started this feng shui project back in April of 2010. If you go back you can read and see pics of my home office through out the process.
Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 Post 5

Well the last week of December 2010 I decided enough was enough. I wanted my home office completed. I still had 3 more walls to peel 4 layers of wall paper off of; however someone told my son about their mother renting a steamer from Home Depot.
Why didn’t the Home Depot people mention that to me when I was going in to by BOTTLES of non-effective, cough-inducing chemical spray?

So I went off and rented 1 for $50 a day. 2 girlfriends came all the way from GA and we stood around and steamed and talked and talked and steamed for 2 days and (almost) 2 nights straight! I have no pics of that because we looked like women who had been steaming walls for 2 days and 2 nights! I would step away and fix breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and to do a couple of radio interviews; but other than that I sat in the room with them and keep them throughly entertained with delightful conversation.

When they left it was on me to plaster the wall from top to bottom. I’ve never done this before and didn’t even know that it was an activity let alone an art, but I tried my hand and did quite well. No pics. I was working too hard.

Then I had to prime the walls.

Then I painted.
During this week long process I continued to school the children, coached clients, do teleseminars, facilitate my women’s power networking meeting, cook the meals and “take care” of the husband. WHEW!
Here are the pictures of my feng shui home office.

I saw these $50 curtains in Target but made them myself w/material from Walmart $14













Moving to the left:

I put the bookcase together w/my own wittle hands














Moving left:










moving left:











Behind the door are my books, Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, ready for me to autograph & send to you. Above is a map of the world as I intend to travel the globe speaking to mom entrepreneurs.

my books ready for sell












Above the door is a plaque that reads:

The earth is full of His glory. Isisah 6:3. What a reminder!

The water fountain sits to the left of the rocking chair. The chair is fitted with my custom designed covering that matches the curtains that I made. This is where I sit in the mornings to read my Bible and meditate.

I decided to keep the chandelair instead of replacing it with a ceiling fan. I think the brass and crystal adds a touch of class!

To the left of the books and directly in front of the window.













I just realized that the wall where my desk sits is missing. Well it’s too messy to snap picks now…maybe I’ll insert it later.

At night when my baby girl gets sleepy I sit and hold her while typing at the computer. But some nights she will allow me to make her a pallet, and lay on the exercise mate under the treadmill. With the lights low, a candle burning and her soft breathing sounds in the background it makes me feel sooo grateful to be able to work from home.

The best part about creating my home office

The Prosperity Game day 4

I’m still playing the Prosperity Game from Choosing Prosperity.com. As your money from the Universe increases you’re advised not to give it away or buy for others while playing The Prosperity Game.  The reasoning is that many of us have a easier time giving than receiving.  You want to energetically become comfortable receiving and spending on yourself.

I definitely was ready to give this away or save it or ANYTHING except continue on a shopping spree.

Yesterday, I realized that my universal money wasn’t increasing as it should and actually felt relieved…like, “Well, I don’t need anymore money to spend”.

However, today I wanted more money and deleted my account to start/activate it again. I’m looking forward to more even though I don’t have anything in particular to buy.

Anyho, I love this coat from Macy’s, it’s on sale for $131. I may have to take a trip to my local store….

my experience with the Prosperity Game on Day 1

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my experience with the Prosperity Game on Day 3

The Prosperity Game-day 3

Okay, today was a little bit easier for me to make a purchase. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to shop so I immediately decided that I wanted a purse. I wasn’t sure what kind so I did searched some Google images. This still took too long and I started to settle on just anything so that I could get this over with. However, I pushed myself to continue.

Man, I hate shopping.

I finally decided to spend my $100 on this cute Balenciaga Tote Claret 08433c. It’s $136 but I can afford it.

I put this on my wish list at Wishpot.com with plans to really buy this, one day soon.

The Prosperity Game was created by Abraham Hicks with the intention of helping you to choose prosperity in the virtual world (the world of your energy and imagination). This prosperity energy should carry over into the real world and attract like energy.

From what I understand the money is suppose to double everyday. This is my 3rd day playing and I’m still receiving $100. Interestingly, I’m satisfied. The thought of having to spend more money is somewhat overwhelming.


I’m sure the “I hate shopping” negativity is affecting my positive energy.

What do you suggest that I do to get past that thinking? Leave a comment.

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