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I Quit My Job-E Brown

My interview with Eddie Brown was fantastic, inspiring and informative!

He talked about the preparation he and his wife made as he went forth to start his own public relations company. I admire this young man who discovered how to take a natural talent and get paid for it!

Listen in as we continue the I Quit My Job series on Blogtalk Radio.

A Day with a Homeschooling Mompreneur

So many people want to know how I “do it”. How do I run a business and homeschool?

To be honest, I don’t know how. So I put together this video of my 18hr day condensed into 4min just to give you a peek of what homeschooling and entrepreneurship looks like. Believe me when I say it’s not easy-but nothing that’s valuable is. Right?

I’m sleepy, tired and half crazy but any mother with more that 2 children is.  The question is WHY? Why are you sleepy, tired and half crazy? If it’s because of too much soda, going to a job that you hate, eating the wrong foods, not taking care of yourself? Than you need to create a different life.

I’m living the life that I have created; one where I’ve chosen to serve God & mankind with my natural talents of speaking and coaching. I have chosen to bless my children with my SAH presence.  And to help as many women as I can to stay at home with their children too.

On the other side of sleepy, tired and half crazy is grateful, inspired and fulfilled.  It’s worth it.


 Have you listened to my interview with The Unplugged Mom, Laurette Lynn? We talk about How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Homeschooling.

Here is a homeschooling post entitled What about Socialization, and a video of Our Homeschooling Classroom,  and one on How to Prove To Dad That Homeschooling Works



Our Homeschool Classroom

Our Homeschool Classroom

Here I share some veteran homeschool tips, curriculm ideas and open my homeschool classroom for you to see. You’ll also meet the last batch of children, including my little Pippi Longstocking wanna-be. LOL